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Five Steps to Becoming a Leader

I've always wanted to be a leader. For the longest time I didn't know what it actually meant to be a leader, so my aspiration was probably just because I wanted the prestige of being a leader. I guess I also didn't like taking orders from anyone, so I figured there was no other place for me.

My idea of how to become a leader was even worse than my motivations for being one. I thought that I should just act aloof and slightly superior to everyone, and that that would make them naturally assume I'm a leader. This sounds incredibly stupid, which it was, but it's also quite common. I see people doing this all the time.

Luckily I was exposed to a lot of real leaders, I got to observe how they interact with others, and I learned what a leader truly is. From that experience, I present to you the five steps to become a leader.

1. Make things happen for people. A leader is the person with the most responsibility, and the way you get responsibility is by taking it. A great way to do this is to organize things for people you know. I sometimes organize trips for my friends, my friend Nick is always organizing tours and parties for his friends, my friend Elliot always seems to be hosting barbecues and parties for his friends.

Are You A Victim?

On Cameron Chardukian

Have you been victimized? Are the credit card companies charging you an unfair interest rate? If so, let me negotiate your debts down to nothing so you can live the life you deserve!

Has your no good skank-whore-trash girlfriend cheated on you? Are you a victim? If so, let me teach the easy foolproof method that will guarantee you’ll never be cheated on or rejected ever again!

We’ve all seen these types of advertisements before. The magic pill solutions that prey on the victim mentality. If you’re reading this blog I’ll assume your intelligent enough to avoid the late night infomercial scams, but even so, the victim mentality extends far beyond a few wasted payments of $19.99.

What Is The Victim Mentality?

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