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Thailand, Take 2

Okay so I just wrote about half of a really long post about how awesome Thailand has been... and then it got deleted somehow. It's a shame when things like that happen to computer geniuses like myself.

So... from the top.

Todd and I reconvened on the small island of Koh Phi Phi (where The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed). But this time we had company.

Keeping in Touch

On betternotstop

Wow, I am really bad at this. It seems that despite me being in the lucky position of being my own boss and access to the internet and my own laptop keeping in touch with friends and family has been a struggle.

Travelling really is an assault on your senses. Constant new places, people and situations means you are so busy absorbing the new it's easy to forget the old. I'm trying to spend the next few days doing just that, collating my thoughts and deciding the next move.

I've been lucky to meet quite a few people out here, the majority are early twenties, travelling before or after University for a few months. I've met people who in the time it's taken me to visit a few places in Thailand (I have been away less then a month) have visited two or three countries. My original plan was to visit Thailand, Laos and Vietnam before finding a flat in Cambodia to settle in for Xmas. This was always a bit of a pipe dream... after spending a few days travelling through Malaysia, Phuket was the perfect destination to just sit down and relax. Meet some lovely people too, and some right annoying ones but I guess that’s always the case.

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