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TynanTV Episode 1!

I bet you didn't know that I was going to have video posts. I didn't either. Todd and I made some funny videos on the way up to Houston this weekend, so I figured I'd smoosh them in with the PRK video and make a little episode out of it.

I plan on making more of these in the future because it was fun and probably more entertaining to watch than my posts are to read. Enjoy, and let me know what you want to see on video.

Oh, and the quality is crappy on two of the clips because we used my phone. It was an impromptu series of stunts.

The Deal With Phuket (Travel Update)

On Konstantin

Feb 4th:

(Image: Totally unrelated scene from Thailand. I really need to remember to take more photos! At least you can see some minivans / minibusses in the background.)

I'm getting out of the bus onto Bus Terminal 1 in Phuket. I really didn't want to stay here. It's one of the most famous locations in Thailand and as far as I've heard it's also become the touristic dumping ground for two thirds of all tourists. It's the Miami South Beach (or Mallorca's Ballermann 6 for you Germans), the buster of all budgets, a whole island full of Khao San Roads.

Setting one foot out of the bus, the first Thai comes towards me. "Hello, Taxi?" Ahh, first contact with the local taxi mafia. If I've learnt one thing in Bangkok it's not to bother with any transportation opportunity that approached me first. So I wave him off. I do have to figure out where to, after all. This bus to Phuket was the only line I could find south from Ranong and I went there straight from Khiri Khan the day before yesterday. Actually I wanna go to Krabi, but it's pretty late already and I think I'll just take a guest house for tonight. It'll probably be expensive but so what. It's only one night.

Some googling on my smartphone later I now know where I want to go and see the information desk. Ah yes, a source of quality information! I head over.

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