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People Are A Little Cray

On Jumbled Thoughts

Sometimes it gets to the point where I am so disgusted with the way people act, that I don’t even know what to do with myself.

Personally, if I have a friend in need, I will always be willing to help that person despite what the situation may be, regardless of if I think the person is right or wrong. Recently, I chose to try and help a friend and was immediately reprimanded by another individual. I don’t think that respectfully helping someone should ever be something that is looked down upon.

Helping someone like this who is in desperate need, should be in everyone’s nature and it truly astonishes me when it is not. It shouldn’t be something that is second-guessed, it shouldn’t be something that people are afraid to do. No matter what the reason might be, in my opinion it is immoral to completely disregard someone’s important needs.

It has been brought to my attention lately, that it is possible for people to manipulate every situation they have ever been placed into, in order to get their way. I’m not speaking about a specific person; this is just something I’ve noticed over and over throughout my college career.

What gets me the most is that these people think that it is completely okay to do these things to people they consider friends. I think that the guilt for their actions should be sitting with them bothering them all the time to prove that they have done something wrong. I think it just comes to the point where I stop having faith in people and start thinking that no one will ever pick up on how bad of a person they are.

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