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Life Nomadic is Available on Amazon NOW

I think the people who pre-ordered for Haiti have had enough time to read the book, so now it's time to make it available to everyone.

You can buy the book here at Amazon!

In case you're new to the site, I haven't had a regular condo or house in 4 years or so, and have been traveling around the world and around the US. Life Nomadic a really practical guide about efficient traveling -- experiencing a LOT while spending relatively LITTLE. It has everything from travel stories I didn't publish on the blog to packing lists. If you broke it down, about 1/3 is life outlook sort of stuff, 1/3 is stories (maybe a bit less), and 1/3 is take-action-now howto advice. It will change how you travel, one way or another.

Book Review: The Pelican Brief

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One of the themes I realized I have on this blog is my constant love for John Grisham books. I promise the next book I'll read won't be by him, but they're so good!

Alright, onto the review. I've read a bunch of John Grisham books and this one is definitely one of my favorites. It combines his classic lawyer stuff with a lot of suspense and mystery. This book is definitely different opposed to other ones as it doesn't really seem to focus on the law or at least trials. While the law is the main subject (murder of two Supreme Court judges), most of the storyline revolved around trying to escape from the people after the protagonist.

Also one of the books' main focus was the attractiveness of the leading character. No, but really. I was actually going to see how accurate Grisham is because there's a movie, but I feel way too lazy to find the movie online. Anyways, I give the book a 4.5 - 5 out of 5. Sometimes the escape stuff got a little repetitive, but it always kept on my feet. It took forever to figure what the Pelican Brief is, but after reading it I'm glad it did. Overall, it's an awesome novel. And, I really need to stop reading so much John Grisham.

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