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It's the Final Countdown

I have two weeks left in Austin and ten days in Boston. When we first decided to go on the trip six months ago it seemed like it would take forever. Now every day seems to fly by before I can make any progress on my list of stuff-I-must-do-before-I-go.

Of course, the one thing I've had no problem doing is buying the gear necessary to leave. I'll post a complete list of every single thing I'm bringing with me... some of which will probably surprise people.

We still haven't found anywhere to live in Panama yet. I send e-mails to people on Craigslist in Panama, but nothing good has surfaced yet.

Speech 2: The Magic of Questions

On a speech a week

Get your popcorn ready. Or maybe just your regular corn. What? You don't have any? That's OK; I'll corn it up enough for all of us with this speech. At least in the beginning.

Toastmasters' second project encourages me to mind my transitions as I flow through a well thought out outline. One thing that helped me to do this speech without using notes was just memorizing the transitions. The content was of lesser importance as far as memory went, since the transitions just led me to it.

It was nice to be prepared with an introduction for myself this time, but it's too bad that I didn't find out who to give it to before the meeting started. So I embarrassed myself by fumbling around with it right before the speech started. However, the setback didn't phase me too much.

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