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The Unexpected Joy of Motorcycle Riding

I may have to add an asterisk to the saying that buying things can't make you happy. I bought a motorcycle, and I'll be damned if it hasn't made me one percent happier than I used to be. Then again, we all know that spending money on experiences can make you happy. A motorcycle isn't just a vehicle to move you from place to place-- it's an experience every time you ride it.

My brother has loved motorcycles for as long as I can remember. So has my uncle. But despite "the disease" obviously mixed up in my blood, I never really thought twice about riding a motorcycle. It was sort of like stamp collecting to me-- something other people do, and obviously derive some sort of pleasure from, but I hadn't given it more than a passing thought.

Last December, for some reason or another, I thought that it would be novel for all of my vehicle registrations, inspections, licenses, etc. to be legal and up to date. I drove my RV back to Texas to renew the registration and get inspected, made sure the insurance was current, and paid off old tickets. The only remaining infraction I was guilty of was driving my folding scooter without a motorcycle license, which is required in California.

Speech 2: The Magic of Questions

On a speech a week

Get your popcorn ready. Or maybe just your regular corn. What? You don't have any? That's OK; I'll corn it up enough for all of us with this speech. At least in the beginning.

Toastmasters' second project encourages me to mind my transitions as I flow through a well thought out outline. One thing that helped me to do this speech without using notes was just memorizing the transitions. The content was of lesser importance as far as memory went, since the transitions just led me to it.

It was nice to be prepared with an introduction for myself this time, but it's too bad that I didn't find out who to give it to before the meeting started. So I embarrassed myself by fumbling around with it right before the speech started. However, the setback didn't phase me too much.

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