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Tynan (The Name)

Now that I'm #1 on Google for my name, I've been getting more people to the site searching for that. Many of them share my name, which is awesome.

My parents chose the name out of a name book randomly. They wanted me to have a name that had no previous associations with anyone else. It's Irish, although I'm not Irish at all.

The dark side of having a unique name is that I missed out on a whole side of consumerism. I never had a little license plate or keychain with my name on it. Those were reserved for people with more common names.

10 minutes a day = 60.8 hours a year

On The Elated Parrot

bed bath & beyond in san francisco has about 100 different kinds of clothes hangers to choose from.

this is my first post on my new sett blog. i'm glad to see that i'm able to choose a single-character subdirectory name for my blog. i shall be sett.com/e - 'e' standing not only for elated, but also for elliot.

i noticed that sebastian marshall - one of the apparently-big blogs on the sett platform - capitalizes his blog name. i have decided to take the opposite approach here: i shall lowercase pretty much everything. this isn't a hard-and-fast rule, but i will probably stick with it. it doesn't affect readability much, and it gives my blog a unique, memorable style. it also differentiates it from most of my other writing, which tends to be more-or-less grammatically correct.

i will spend 10 minutes a day writing for this blog - that is my intention. i may fail to stick with it, but i'll try. this may not result in a post every day - i may spend multiple days working on a single post - but i will make some progress each day. today i've set my timer for 8 minutes, during which time i will write text. for the remaining 2 minutes, i'll search for an image to add to this post. this conforms with tynan's precedent of including one image per post. i will search my computer for images, and i will also try to take more photos during my daily life.

today's image doesn't match the post content, but i've noticed tynan do that too, so it's fine.

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