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We Found an Apartment!

Todd and I have a tendency to not plan anything. Last year when we went to Japan we had no plans and nowhere to stay when we landed there.

Life Nomadic 2008 is no different.

Before we left I spent a considerable amount of time trying to find a an apartment to rent online. We even worked through Century 21 here in Panama, which turned out to be a colossal disappointment. They found us a place, but then when we got here they skipped on a meeting they were supposed to have with us and then said, "Sorry! He doesn't want to rent it short term anymore."

Getting Here Pt. 1

On The Very First EFL Teacher Blog Ever

The flight was long. I wore a suit that I wanted to bring, but didn't want to crumple in my luggage. For the 14 hour leg of the trip, this may have been a mistake.

Flying to Incheon, I was wedged between a very friendly machinist from Wichita and a very friendly mother from Seoul. They both spoke some English.

I didn't sleep on the plane. Through much trial and error, I got through immigration, bag check, and customs. I met a very friendly man who was hired by my recruiter to bring me to my employer. In very friendly, very terrible English, the man asked me for money for a single bus ticket. I didn't expect to be paying for this, or to be unaccompanied, but both conditions were more than reasonable.

Before I boarded the bus, the man also gave me a poster board with the cell phone number of my employer written on it. He explained helpfully that I could call the phone number with a phone. I explained that I did not have a phone. "Koreans...very kind," he responded. I asked if my boss was going to be picking me up. He answered, exasperatedly, that "Korean people...very kind." I was carrying three heavy pieces of luggage, so I decided to take his word for it.

The three hour bus ride to my city was incredible. This may have been because I hadn't looked at anything more interesting than a tray table for most of what was verging on a thirty hour day. But many of the mountains South of Seoul were really stunning. The novelty of seeing all the wacky Korean cars on the wacky Korean roads with wacky Korean signs was also fun, and hasn't quite worn off yet.

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