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Roller Coaster

As I mentioned previously, my gas got turned off. I'm moving soon, so I've been getting my house ready to be sold. Part of that includes turning on the gas again so that the inspector can make sure everything's fine.

At noon a knock lands upon my door. I open it and see a towering black man standing in the doorway. He's at least six feet tall, at least four feet wide, and is wearing a hard hat. A grin spreads across his face.

"It's the LOOOOOVEEE DOCCCTORR!!" he proclaims.

Stori - #BADASSDAME Mixtape

On Music Wanderlust

Stori, the new jersey native, is a rapper/singer. She's pretty dope! She just released her debut mixtape. #BADASSDAME. Her songs have interpolations of reggae, pop and soul, in addition to R&B. Below I posted a link of an older song she did a while back called 'Jump Off to Lovers'. Check it out to get a feel for her sound!


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