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Roller Coaster

As I mentioned previously, my gas got turned off. I'm moving soon, so I've been getting my house ready to be sold. Part of that includes turning on the gas again so that the inspector can make sure everything's fine.

At noon a knock lands upon my door. I open it and see a towering black man standing in the doorway. He's at least six feet tall, at least four feet wide, and is wearing a hard hat. A grin spreads across his face.

"It's the LOOOOOVEEE DOCCCTORR!!" he proclaims.

Burlesque Act

On Provable Assertions

This blog is supposed to be about school things, so I'll view it as a reason to attend class (see the post on my Shiny New Scheme for details) and I was going to take the opportunity to bitch about my Statistics class, but I'm excited about something else today and wanted to write about it instead.

I saw a screening of Jobriath A.D. Saturday, which I really liked. It's about Jobriath, a musician who should have been the next David Bowie in the 70s but who crashed spectacularly instead due to mismanagement (his manager got his face on billboards, bus ads, and in magazines but didn't focus on getting radio play or gigs) and the bigotry of the era (he promoted the fact that he was gay rather than just slyly suggesting it like other rock stars). But, God, it seems like he would have been great. The music he wrote and recorded is very good and it seems like we missed out on a lot of unrecorded future material. He only released two albums before his record company dropped him.

I bought his first album on Sunday and have been listening to it all day today and already found a song I really want to do for my next burlesque act. This is exciting because I've wanted to get back into burlesque for months but haven't had an act I felt a real need to do. So now I have this idea germinating in the back of my mind all evening. Yay!

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