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Going Extreme

If there's something I'm known for amongst friends and acquaintances, it's that I tend to do things to extremes. I can't just do speed dating, I have to work my way to the top of the pickup food chain. Instead of moving in to a smaller house, or even a big RV, I buy the tiniest RV I can. I can't take a week long vacation to Thailand, I have to get rid of everything and go full nomad for years. Cutting out fast food isn't enough, I cut out everything that's remotely bad for me.

What I write about less are the counter extremes. I was an introvert who was terrified of girls. I lived in my own house with a whole room dedicated to warehousing my stuff. For years I didn't leave the US. Before I began eating healthy, I went to McDonalds so much, and brought my friends so often, that they actually stopped charging me for food AND giving me winning Monopoly pieces to get free food elsewhere.

I do this with just about anything. The other day while writing a post, I wrote, "I don't do everything in a weird way. For example, I..."

Early On a Sunday Morning

On Where Pianos Roam

Sometimes, I like to think about what my life will be like in a few years.  There are two extremes that I seem to dwell on more often than not.

In one extreme, I will be a hermit living in a very remote and secluded location, far away from the spoils of man.  Every day, I work in my little vegetable garden, and in the afternoons, I sit at my piano for hours on end playing my songs.  I take long quiet walks into the countryside and spend time drawing plants, animals, and flowers.  Books are devoured more than they are just read.  It is a calm existence.

In another extreme, I am travelling constantly performing shows or in whatever occupation/capacity I will inhabit by then.  Every new city is more vibrant than the last, and every person I meet has a name that I have to try to remember among hundreds already.  I try to eat some local dish in each geographic location without becoming a sizable bovine beast.  I stare out of airplane windows, car windows, and hotel windows endlessly, not really looking for anything but just absorbing the views.  I take note of local habits and sensibilities, all of which serve a stark contrast to my own nomadic livelihood.

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