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Going Extreme

If there's something I'm known for amongst friends and acquaintances, it's that I tend to do things to extremes. I can't just do speed dating, I have to work my way to the top of the pickup food chain. Instead of moving in to a smaller house, or even a big RV, I buy the tiniest RV I can. I can't take a week long vacation to Thailand, I have to get rid of everything and go full nomad for years. Cutting out fast food isn't enough, I cut out everything that's remotely bad for me.

What I write about less are the counter extremes. I was an introvert who was terrified of girls. I lived in my own house with a whole room dedicated to warehousing my stuff. For years I didn't leave the US. Before I began eating healthy, I went to McDonalds so much, and brought my friends so often, that they actually stopped charging me for food AND giving me winning Monopoly pieces to get free food elsewhere.

I do this with just about anything. The other day while writing a post, I wrote, "I don't do everything in a weird way. For example, I..."

Dependence = Addiction?

On Linus Rylander

I just passed the halfway point of my 30 day blog challenge, and something I have noticed is that... a few of the posts have been really good... a few have been, frankly, pretty bad (by my standards) and most of them have been pretty much OK.

The 80/20 rule tells me this kind of skewed result is pretty much inevitable, but I still find it interesting. The cyclical nature of things. Natural ups and downs. Ebb and flow. Things like that.

Anyway, my brother pointed out something very interesting to me this morning:

In Swedish, the words for “dependence” and “addiction” is the same word.

I find that fascinating.

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