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How to Make a Moderately Popular Blog

Let's be honest: My blog is pretty cool. It's not nearly as popular at Boingboing, Tuckermax, or that weird housewife who writes about her kids, but I have a pretty steady readership who all post comments and get something out of the site. Since I started around a year ago, I've averaged 1200 unique readers a day (half of that is thanks to huge spikes from digg and such). My blog hasn't made me rich, but I've probably made a few thousand dollars, which is a nice side effect. More importantly it's made me a much better writer, and has helped me chronicle the past year of my life.

What I'm saying is this : I can't help you build the next Engadget or WWTDD, but I can help you get started to building a moderately popular blog.

First you need decent hosting and Wordpress. Don't mess with blogger - no one reads blogger blogs because they all look the same and don't have cool plugins that you need. I know you can customize it and all, but stop arguing and do it my way.

My Blog

On New Blog

I've been writing in a blog for about a month now. Thanks to Tynan, one of my posts got a bunch of viewers right away, but since then, it's been only me. That's fine. I understand that most blogs don't take off until the writer becomes known or respected outside the blogosphere for something.

Why did I start when I did?

SETT was ready. I had been waiting for it to be ready before I started my own. Not for any particular reason. I'm not sure I'll stick with it- as a developer I can see a lot of stuff I'd like to add as far as customizations go- but I'm gonna stay with SETT for a long while and see what comes of it.

Why blog?

A couple reasons. For starters, a blog done right allows people a fuller picture of my life and thoughts. Facebook statuses and twitter updates aren't nearly enough to do that unless you're an MTV whore. Despite outward appearances I really doubt anyone is ADD to the point of having only the shallow thoughts with which they present themselves.

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