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I'm Writing a Book

I have the predicament of wanting to do everything before I die. Number 234,220 on that list is writing a novel, so we're going to get that one knocked out this month.

Why November? Because it's NaNoWriMo, the unfortunately acronymed National Novel Writing Month. You can go sign up at the web site and pledge to write a 50k word novel in one month. Usually 1 out of 6 people actually finish it. I'll be one of those people. Will you?

I have a pretty cool idea for a story, and I think I'm already a pretty good storyteller. What's really exciting, though, is that writing 50k words apparently makes everyone who completes it a much better writer. Remember the practicing thing from yesterday? Let's practice being good writers. Get ready for some kick ass stories up in this piece.

My Blog

On New Blog

I've been writing in a blog for about a month now. Thanks to Tynan, one of my posts got a bunch of viewers right away, but since then, it's been only me. That's fine. I understand that most blogs don't take off until the writer becomes known or respected outside the blogosphere for something.

Why did I start when I did?

SETT was ready. I had been waiting for it to be ready before I started my own. Not for any particular reason. I'm not sure I'll stick with it- as a developer I can see a lot of stuff I'd like to add as far as customizations go- but I'm gonna stay with SETT for a long while and see what comes of it.

Why blog?

A couple reasons. For starters, a blog done right allows people a fuller picture of my life and thoughts. Facebook statuses and twitter updates aren't nearly enough to do that unless you're an MTV whore. Despite outward appearances I really doubt anyone is ADD to the point of having only the shallow thoughts with which they present themselves.

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