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The Running Bets

I like to bet. For those of you who have read the story about how I was a professional gambler, this is obvious. What I don't like to do is exercise. At one point in my life, these two activities joined to provide an interesting story.

I have a friend named Hayden. He likes to bet me. For a while we had a running string of bets, and I was down overall because I failed to get 10x his score in a Tony Hawk competition. At one point I was one of the top 10 Tony Hawk players in the world. That lasted for about 5 minutes until someone from Japan beat my score.

Hayden and I sat across from my kitchen table.

Why you don’t want to eat the yellow snow…

On Gough's Blog

Well it's official. Global record cold temperatures this year have been fantastic for The Great Lakes of North America. Another month of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures has led government experts to project water levels in the Great Lakes will rise even more in the coming months than earlier estimated. We will be back to historic averages.

On Wednesday, ice covered roughly 90 percentof the Great Lakes, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It puts the Lakes within striking distance of the known record of 94.8 percent set in 1994. Six-month forecasts generated by the Army Corps raise the possibility that all but Lakes Michigan and Huron could rise above their long-term averages by this summer.

It's been a long, cold winter. The snow covered Pyramids--not the fake ones--looked astonishing this year. Snow on the pyramids has not happened in well over 100 years. And records have been set: The coldest temperature ever recorded on earth occurred in Antarctica this year at minus 135 degrees below Fahrenheit, trumping a record set in 1983. So cold, a NASA space suit would come in handy. The record was captured by NASA's Aqua MODIS Satellite.

Speaking of ice, a Russian expedition ship carrying a gaggle of Global Warming Scientists got stuck in the ice earlier this year. They were there to show how Global Warming had made the ice disappear, but, found themselves stuck in record-level Antarctic Ice.A Chinese Icebreaker Xue Long, or Snow Dragon, went to rescue the Global Warming Scientists, but the rescue Icebreaker also got stuck in the ice.

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