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Living in a Small RV: Electricity

This is a continuation of the Living in a Small RV series. It will be a bit boring for anyone who isn't interested in solar power, but I wanted to write it like this because I had a tough time finding all of this information tied together.

There are two classes of devices in an RV that need electricity, AC and DC. The DC ones run off the battery and these include things like lights, the water pump, the vent fan(s), and anything you can plug into a 12v socket.

The AC ones are primarily the air conditioner and the microwave. They get their power from either plugging the RV in to a campsite or 120v socket at a house or by running the generator.

It's been a while

On My Ramblings

The last couple of months have been interesting.

In short, I bought an RV and travelled through parts of Europe with it. Both visiting friends and working a bit. At the same time I've been contracting for a company in the Netherlands which means I have been flying up and down quite a bit. Too bad budget airlines don't do airmiles.

A friend of mine joined me for the drive down and we had a fun time getting there. Sure, it was only a couple of hundred kilometers (about 140miles for those of you that aren't on the metric system) but we took our time. Obviously the kitchen had to be tested so the first stop was for coffee. Then the kitchen had to be tested again so the second stop was to make lunch. Silly things but so much fun when you've just bought your first RV.

After arriving at the venue it turned out my decision to drive down was a great one. The hotel that I was supposed to stay at was 30 minutes away from the venue. In itself not that bad but I was supposed to shoot the Friday night party and the Saturday morning workshops.

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