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Living in a Small RV: Electricity

This is a continuation of the Living in a Small RV series. It will be a bit boring for anyone who isn't interested in solar power, but I wanted to write it like this because I had a tough time finding all of this information tied together.

There are two classes of devices in an RV that need electricity, AC and DC. The DC ones run off the battery and these include things like lights, the water pump, the vent fan(s), and anything you can plug into a 12v socket.

The AC ones are primarily the air conditioner and the microwave. They get their power from either plugging the RV in to a campsite or 120v socket at a house or by running the generator.

Let it go......

On The Crazy Squid

"Let it go", he gently said to me, I took a deep breath, swallowed, took another breath and it was gone. I was not able to let it go instead I hung on to that sadness that swelled up and threatened to spill over my eyelashes and down my cheeks. I choose to swallow that heartache for the things I could not change and felt my neck tighten and my heart sink.

"Why do you do that?" he asked. I just shrugged and replied, "it's what I always do, take a breath, swallow and it's gone". "What if you allowed the tears to spill, what if you cried?" he asked. Silence. "What if the answer is in the tears, what if after you cried the answer was clear, one you would never had thought about unless you let go?"

Above is a conversation I had with a wise friend last week and it has me thinking. Not just about deeply emotional issues, but what do we hold on to, mostly out of fear. And if we did let it go what new options or solutions would be out there for us? Can you think of a instance where you did let go, stepped out of your comfort zone, did things out of the ordinary and the outcome was unexpected but also great?

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