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The Gear of Life Nomadic

To say that we packed light is an understatement. We packed super light. Someone recently told me a saying that stuck in my mind.

"No one ever wishes they packed heavier."

So true. With fewer baggage comes more freedom, and that's exactly what we're after. Still, when Todd suggested that we take only a small backpack each, I thought he was crazy.

LMMM completion

On The Nosy Moth

My self imposed LMMM challenge is over as of yesterday Feb 16.

I was looking back and I made approximately 600 or so images over a span of 8 weeks. Not great, but not lousy either. And most of them are photos of my daughter! The other 'topic' I photographed the most, if I can call that is what I see on my commute. I have been intentionally intently looking around when driving, especially when stopped at traffic lights - and now I am amazed that what I thought was a dead subject where I could not make any photos at all - now there are some very nice photos I can see. It is still very very tough to try to make a lyrical, beautiful image out of a bunch of cars waiting in front of me...but sometimes, the way the evening sun falls partially on yellow bins in the middle of the road (what are they? I never saw them before!) making some of their yellows so bright and beautiful juxtaposed with the dark somber almost grey, but sometimes chocolatey asphalt, beautiful!

I was supposed to be shooting in black and white only for the past 8 weeks, and that is what I did - except for two occasions where I had to take color photographs. I think this exercise is supposed to help with seeing luminosity. Now I do seem to see light, glorious light almost all the time, a split second before evaluating the subject - because of Black and White or because I am trying hard to make this into a habit...I am not sure. And I see beautiful color, subtle pastels, glowing bright amazing colors. I wonder how I will fare for one year of no color. I used to think I loved black and white - now I know that I love color too!

I was supposed to use only one lens throughout this 8 week period. And I mostly did - for 6 weeks. I have fallen even more in love with my Konica Hexanon 50mm f1.7 - and I cannot express in words wht I like about the pictures that lens draws...it just talks to me (like my EP5). However I switched my lens out to a newly acquired Leica M Summilux 35mm f1.4 for Week 7 and Week 8. I bought this lens in preparation for my Leica year. I am getting better at using manual lenses. Somewhere halfway, I came across the idea of "zone focusing" manual lenses - link from Ming Thein. And this is what I am practicing now. A method to how to focus manually - without having to look at the focus ring!

During this challenge, I did not use the light meter on the camera, and I tried to manually calculate the correct exposure (in my head). This is still very very hard for me. I wa sinitially almost randomly bracketing - but then over the last two weeks, I have been using the 'Sunny 16" rule and its variants. This is still a project for the future, and I have this link on - learning 'GSOTPANWASTOTZSS' to help me out.

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