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The Gear of Life Nomadic

To say that we packed light is an understatement. We packed super light. Someone recently told me a saying that stuck in my mind.

"No one ever wishes they packed heavier."

So true. With fewer baggage comes more freedom, and that's exactly what we're after. Still, when Todd suggested that we take only a small backpack each, I thought he was crazy.

Dogs on Beach - 2

On The Nosy Moth

Dogs on Beach - 2, Carmel Beach, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

Olympus E-P5 with Panasonic Leica 25mm. Whats not to like with this combination? Light beautiful camera, the prettiest I have ever owned. Amazing lens - I cannot articulate why I like the images from this lens so much - but I do. My current favorite lens - the one with which I shoot most of the time. This was shot in Raw + JPG. What you are seeing is the \'straight out of camera\' jpeg image.

A happy dog fetching his ball, running full tilt back to his master, on a gorgeous beach against the setting sun.

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