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A Typical Day In Austin

I always want to write about a "typical" day here in Austin, but it seems like no day is actually normal enough for me to write about, so it ends up not happening. So, since I have a few minutes in my RV before it's time to head to late night dinner, I'll just write about today. I always wonder what people do with their days, so maybe my regular day will be interesting to you.

((Note: I'm aware that this is a bit like those rambly livejournal entries that no one actually ever wants to read. ))

I woke up at around 10am, which is pretty early for me. The sun comes in through the RV window at just the right angle to hit me in the face at 9:45. This happens every morning. Sometimes I wake up then and sometimes I roll over and sleep until 11am when it finally gets too hot to keep sleeping.

Post #14 - RIP Lil' Nera

On Notes Too Frank

Dear Reader,

I met this kid a long time ago, ages ago, back when I played all the school sports, back when all I cared about was winning games. I was, in my mind, an exceptional athlete; I got to play and played pretty well. Won a few MVP awards. All that stuff.

Then, one day, all of that ended. I left the small private school I had attended from 1st to 10th grade for The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, and after that things started to change. I felt like I was becoming a different person. MSMS introduced me to a world of possibilities different from the small town, small school, everybody and they momma know what everybody and yo' doggie been doin all day kind of world that I had been living in for the past 16 years. I was all like, “Wow! Science!” and, “Wow! Writing!” and, “Holy shit! Art!” For the first time in my life I had been given the chance to recreate myself. I began to discover hidden talents and interests that, I think, I wouldn't have found had I stayed at my first high school. (Kudos to MSMS).

But yeah. When I came back to visit my old friends and my old high school it was just different. I wasn't very enthused to talk about how good this years football team is or how tall Jimmy Newguy is or how fast Susie Whoever is going to be or what ever they wanna talk about. I don't know. I was just different.

Anyways back to the point, I met this kid. The little brother of Dragoo, we called him Lil' Nera. Long story behind that one, but he was the football team water-boy. We loved him so much. He gave off this positive energy with a smile so wide you could see the sunshine. When he wasn't busy handing out water, he would always run up and say “What's up!” and throw up his hand for a high-five. His presence was probably more refreshing than the water he handed out. And when I'd come back to my old school's football games and see my old teammates playing, I'd see Lil Nera out there on the field. He'd come up to me and just be like old friends again. What's up-ing and hive-fiving. He'd ask me questions all about what Math and Science school is like and (later) how college was going. He was a genuine person, refreshingly connected to you every time you'd talk with him.

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