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Falling Behind

I had a smug outlook on life. I was twenty years old and other than my ineptitude with women, things were good. I had my own house and enough money that I never thought about whether or not I could afford something. I was making my money gambling, which I considered to be quite an achievement.

I felt like I was way ahead of everyone my age. And, for the most part, I was.

But then, as I coasted, the dot com thing happened and I missed it. I was too busy buying rims for my car and putting a movie theater in my house. While other people my age were really accomplishing things and making millions, I was a league down in a dying business.


On Military Dad

Now that I've got a couple posts under my belt, I guess I should probably go ahead and welcome everybody to the site.

If the logo looks familiar, but the page feels different, it's probably because you stopped by while I was blogging over on my Tumblr site. I was there for about two years, but I recently felt like giving it a fresh start, so I moved on over to Sett since you can't get much fresher than that. I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited to be here.

I originally started blogging simply because I love to write.

It's something that I've always dabbled with in my free time, and I would love for it to be a major part of my life once I retire from the service. Like anything else, however, writing takes practice, and a blog felt like the perfect venue. Of course, like most people that start down the path, I quickly became addicted to interacting with the readers from around the world that stopped to visit my humble little corner of the internet. That's one of the major reasons that I decided to move over to this platform instead of an older, more established site. The opportunities to have a conversation seem much greater.

When I was going through the list of things that I should blog about, it quickly became obvious that it had to be the two subjects I'm most passionate about: my family and my job.

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