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Falling Behind

I had a smug outlook on life. I was twenty years old and other than my ineptitude with women, things were good. I had my own house and enough money that I never thought about whether or not I could afford something. I was making my money gambling, which I considered to be quite an achievement.

I felt like I was way ahead of everyone my age. And, for the most part, I was.

But then, as I coasted, the dot com thing happened and I missed it. I was too busy buying rims for my car and putting a movie theater in my house. While other people my age were really accomplishing things and making millions, I was a league down in a dying business.

Do you suffer from headaches?

On Alan's Journey

I have a headache as I'm writing this, and I was thinking of what I can blog about when I thought - I know, I'll blog about headaches!

We all get headaches, some of us even get migraines. Lucky for me, I've never got a migraine.  *knock wood*  They can be pretty debilitating at times.

My headaches usually result from my back issues. The collapsed disc in my lower spine results in a spinal and muscular imbalance which causes muscle tension in the shoulders and neck, with the main effect being extremely tight muscles from the shoulders that go up the back of the neck and into (or connect with) the base of the skull.

This tension in that location results in some amazing tension headaches. And I don't mean good amazing either.

Over the years that I've had these headaces, aligned with the years I've had the back injury / disability, there have often been people who tell me to drink more water. Unfortunately, their tips have never worked for me.

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