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Falling Behind

I had a smug outlook on life. I was twenty years old and other than my ineptitude with women, things were good. I had my own house and enough money that I never thought about whether or not I could afford something. I was making my money gambling, which I considered to be quite an achievement.

I felt like I was way ahead of everyone my age. And, for the most part, I was.

But then, as I coasted, the dot com thing happened and I missed it. I was too busy buying rims for my car and putting a movie theater in my house. While other people my age were really accomplishing things and making millions, I was a league down in a dying business.

About Made of Metaphors

On Made of Metaphors

That's a picture of me drinking a strawberry lemonade.


I've spent most of my career - half my life, as of this writing - making videogames. I'm a computer programmer. I manage teams, too, and a lot of my thinking is around the work of management: how do we work with other people? How do we help others do better work? How do we help people grow?

I've done a lot of cooking. I've done a bunch of woodworking. I've given a bunch of talks at industry conferences. I like to travel. And so on.

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