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Eagle Creek Switchback Max ES 22

At first glance you might overlook this bag. What makes this plain looking bag so great?

It's sneaky.

The problem with most carry on luggage is that it's too small for more than a weekend trip. If I'm spending $279 on a bag, I'd better be able to use it on long trips as well as short trips. The Switchback 22 gets around this issue by combining two bags. They took a suitcase that was the largest allowed by every airline, and then attached a good sized backpack to the front of it.


On Huan M. Nguyen

Quirks make up a part of who we are.

I'm not saying that just because some random internet blogger said that, it's okay to run around half-naked, in only neon polka boxer shorts on your head.

But it's something to remember when you're looking at yourself or anybody around you.

Your mom wouldn't be your mom if she didn't nag you about doing homework, or continually ask how you're doing.

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