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The Best Suitcase, and how I Lost Mine

I used to have a bit of an obsession with Zero Halliburton luggage. Look familiar? That's because bad guys in all the movies use the briefcases to hold their money and bombs. Over the years I kept buying these things, and usually traveled with a huge 26" suitcase as well as a matching computer case.

I still really like my Zero Halliburton suitcases, but they're somewhat unweildy. Two day trips don't require a hectare of packing real estate.

Plus, there was the allure of the carry-on only passenger. I never really understood how it worked before. How do people carry everything in such small suitcases? Is it really that much more convenient? What's so bad about checking bags? I was curious.

Walmart as a green company, the last step (business opinion)

On Mike Dariano

Walmart is a great company.  I love going to Walmart to buy anything I need and don’t have drop shipped from

People who hate Walmart often have some well meaning disgust but it’s not usually very well founded.  Walmart produces more solar energy than anyone else in the country.  Their global supply chain management has removed tons of CO2 from the atmosphere and their food offerings are progressively getting more progressive.  But they need to figure out their bags.

I hate having all those plastic bags hold my food because I have zero use for them when I get home.  They’re more difficult to carry, hold less, break more, and are like cigarettes to mama earth.  Lucky for Walmart, I have the solution.

Start stacking your carousel with the reusable shopping bags.  I don’t want to buy them time and time again only to leave them everywhere but my car and even if they’re in my car I still forget to take them in with me.  Put your store greeter to good use, have them check in reusable Walmart bags that people bring in, give the customer a credit for the same number of bags on checkout and anything used over that number the customer needs to ante up for. 

That solves the line problem of fidgeting with bags that don’t quite fit on the bag carousel.  It solves my problem by only requiring I get them to the door.  I also don’t need to mess around with thirty seven bags when I unload my car, only six. 

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