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The West Coast Tour

Whatever it is, I've had an itch to go check it out. I've been there a few times before but didn't explore much and certainly didn't see it through the eyes of a resident. So this time I'm heading that way in the RV.

This Thursday I'll head West from Austin, and hopefully drive 20 hours straight to Las Vegas. I love Las Vegas and have a few friends there, so it's hard to pass up an opportunity to visit. After Las Vegas I'll go to LA. I might stay for a few days, for a month, or something in between. I haven't decided yet.

Then from Los Angeles I'll go to San Francisco. I have a ton of friends there, some from middle school back in Boston, some from Austin, and a few from the old pick up days. I'm also hoping to make friends with some of the people involved in the tech community there. I've heard that parking won't be easy, but my friends have a couple ideas on places that might work.

Truth about the Ender's Game

On The Pretty Chicken

As much as I want future children to actually be as smart as those in Ender's Game, I doubt that it will be a scenario that will happen to the human race as of the moment. At its rate, more and more children are getting "dumber" and "dumber". True, they are smarter in the sense that they know more. However, most of these children know little more than what is taught of them. In fact, most children are not as creative anymore, which begs me to consider if they still are just children!

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