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Letting Myself Quit

I did something really scary and dangerous today. I let myself quit.

It's the second day of my Month-of-Pickup, an intensive course correction aimed towards making myself extraverted and social again.

Yesterday was the first day. My friend and I set a goal of doing eight approaches each. We did it just as the mall closed, running around frantically looking for girls to approach. I was scared going in, but left feeling good.

Learning Pickup Will Change Your Life

On Striving For Happiness

Disclaimer: Pickup is not some weird skill where guys try to sleep with tons of girls; pickup is intended to merely widen your dating life and allow you to meet the girl of your dream. Some guys use it to slay as many girls as possible; however, that’s not the point.

If you ever tried cold approach pickup (where you go up to a random girl and try to get her to go on a date with you) then you know how scary it is. The first time I cold approached in a mall my hands shook with an intense fear while the girl gave me her phone number. For the first couple of months I suffered from severe approach anxiety in the club. The thought of approaching a stranger seemed horrifying. Each time I approached a random girl my heart beat so fast. It was nerve-racking.

It’s kind of weird, despite the popularity of pickup no one ever cold approaches really. I stumbled upon the book The Game when I was 17 I believe. The book changed my life. I thought I found a holy grail which would change my life forever. 17 year old Liam finished this book faster than he ever read a book in his life. The book helped my confidence tremendously, but I never approached a single girl outside of my social circle. Years went by and I always dreamed of being a master pickup-artist; to develop the ability to make any girl fall in love with you.

I used what little “tactics” I knew to land two girlfriends over 4 years and to go on a half dozen dates. Slowly, but surely I developed more confidence in myself as time went on. Then my last relationship fizzled out. I broke up with Lisa 4 times before finally ending it. I wanted to become better with women and meet the girl of my dreams. I was tired of settling.

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