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Thanks for Coming to Karaoke!

Before I start this post - thanks so much to people who came to Karaoke. It was mostly people I already knew, but one reader, Curtis, came. I thought it was totally awesome that he read about Karaoke here and decided to go. Even better, he nailed Guns 'N Roses' Welcome to the Jungle. Also in attendance were my brother and his friends, Steve, Anissa, and Dan from work, and Todd and Doug who helped me run the show.

I had no idea what I was getting into. Things like "hey, I should probably have music for when no one is karaokeing" never even occurred to me. All I had was the leaked copy of Jay-Z's Kingdom Come, so I kept playing that. There was silence, there was no crossfading. That part of the show was a disaster. I also had no idea how to hook stuff up to their system, so the first hour was spent doing that. I felt really bad for people who came during that part.

Finally things got rolling, although I think only 4 people I didn't know sang songs. It wasn't too busy because the weather was cold.

7 things I have decided to change in 2014

On Feed Your Happy

When 2014 came around, I decided that I was actually going to set a New Years resolution. The only thing that I could come up with, that I knew I would pursue without fail was: To follow my passion and quit doing things that wouldn't make me happy.

As the year has progressed and I have fully committed to my resolution, I have continued tacking on little things here and there, to modify & (in my opinion) improve my resolution.

#1: Recognize my faults & try to change them

By far, one of my biggest faults in the past has been my inability to recognize my faults. Sadly, when you don't acknowledge your own faults, you inevitably do not end up investing the effort into changing them.

2014 has seen a new version of me. The one that sits down and looks at past and present situations as objectively as possible to determine what I genuinely did incorrectly or what I could have done better.

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