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Thanks for Coming to Karaoke!

Before I start this post - thanks so much to people who came to Karaoke. It was mostly people I already knew, but one reader, Curtis, came. I thought it was totally awesome that he read about Karaoke here and decided to go. Even better, he nailed Guns 'N Roses' Welcome to the Jungle. Also in attendance were my brother and his friends, Steve, Anissa, and Dan from work, and Todd and Doug who helped me run the show.

I had no idea what I was getting into. Things like "hey, I should probably have music for when no one is karaokeing" never even occurred to me. All I had was the leaked copy of Jay-Z's Kingdom Come, so I kept playing that. There was silence, there was no crossfading. That part of the show was a disaster. I also had no idea how to hook stuff up to their system, so the first hour was spent doing that. I felt really bad for people who came during that part.

Finally things got rolling, although I think only 4 people I didn't know sang songs. It wasn't too busy because the weather was cold.

Working with more focus and motivation, not necessarily harder

On Ideas in the Making

At the start of the year I said I was going to work harder than ever before and that I was excited to trade the markets everyday. Unfortunately this has been easier said than done, not nessecarily because the markets are hard (although they are) but because I have been lazy and not willing to learn and put in the time.

I've written here before about taking massive action. I don't believe in "balance" or moderation when it comes to achieving great things, especially when one is starting out. A good analogy is the way bamboo grows. It takes a while for bamboo to properly root itself, but once it does, it grows faster than any other tree known to man. Skills are similar. If you put in hours and motivation into learning and applying knowledge you can root yourself fast. I call it the time value of skill in a way, where if you "make" all the skill now its much more valuable than making all the skill "later" just like interest and money in the time value of money theory.

Anyways I frankly Haven't been putting in as much time and effort as I wish I were. Back in the day I would play video games for hours trying to achieve something like acquiring a super strong weapon or leveling up my character. In some cases where I knew I was against the clock ( They said they were removing XYZ soon, I had a bet with someone) I would work for longer, be more motivated, and think up of more effective strategies.

A lot of people tell me "but you will burn out". I think this is another myth. There is no "burning out" if you really decide to make what you are doing your priority. Top programmers program for 12 hrs+ a day. Stock traders and online poker players reevaluate their trades/ hands and test strategies day in and day out. I don't want to be mediocre.

Here is what I have been doing and needs to change. I am out lining it here for myself.

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