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What Other People Think

As I help more people work through their sticking points through coaching, I've noticed that a surprisingly large factor in many peoples' lives is how others perceive them. This is largely a foreign experience to me, and I think that it's been a great advantage to me to not really care what other people think.

I would like to believe that it's some inner well of strength that allows me to overwhelmingly disregard what strangers think of me, but if I'm honest about it, I believe that it originates from not being very popular as a kid.

At some point I realized that I was just not going to be a traditionally "cool" person. I'm sure it stung a little bit to realize that, but it was also freeing in a way. If I wasn't going to win that game anyway, why try to play it?

At the same time, I grew confidence in what I was doing. I knew that I was weird and that my friends were geeky like I was, but I also thought that they were excellent people. I thought some of the popular people were good too, but I didn't think that partying and going to football games was all that great, so I didn't have much jealousy.

Are Writers Inherently Lonely?

On Imported Blog

Last semester, one of the parts of my Literature class's curriculum was to do an in-depth analysis of multiple Seamus Heaney poems. For a little background, Seamus Heaney is an Irish poet famous of poems such as "Death of a Naturalist." He passed away last year.

A majority of his poems that we studied centered around one theme: childhood. He talked about his experiences as a kid, and he used a tone of nostalgia, implying that he wanted to go back. It frustrated me that he mainly talked about this topic.

In my eyes, his life was divided into two parts. The first, his childhood, was spent having all these amazing experiences that shaped his life. The second, his adulthood, was spent writing about his childhood.

To me, all he wanted to do was to go back. I felt as if he didn't enjoy his current life (adulthood) and reminiscing about his past was his way of coping. Now yes this is most likely an overgeneralization, but it made me think of this question:

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