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Gaijin House

I didn't have much faith that we were going to have a good place here. We found it very difficult to find a place to stay that was central, had two beds, and wasn't $4000 per month. At the last minute Todd booked us a room in a great area that was relatively inexpensive. I figured quality would suffer.

I'm thrilled to say that I was wrong.

We met Blair, our landlord who is 42 but looks (possibly significantly) under 30, and he walked us to the apartment. As promised, it's really just a few minutes from the train station.

Ice Cream, You Scream

On Eating Dairy-Free in a Dairy-Loving World

Everyone loves ice cream. Yes, even us poor dairy-free souls. It's a curse, really. Especially on a hot day, with all your friends, and they all decide to go out for ice cream. And what can you do, except sit and watch them eat that melty, drippy, creamy, magical substance right in front of your eyes? I can think of one particular instance: I was at Six Flags Fiesta Texas with my sister in San Antonio, Texas. In July. July. And when my sister and I go to Six Flags, we do not just wander around playing games, taking pictures (except for this one, of course).

We are there to ride roller coasters, and ride roller coasters we did. By around 2 o'clock, the heat from the concrete was making its way through the soles of our shoes, and I knew that the lust for ice cream was inevitable at this point. We stopped at a gift shop, and my sweet, sweet sister bought a Klondike Choco Taco, and watching her eat that creamy, yet crunchy, goodness without snatching it out of her hands and shoving the entire thing in my mouth was quite possibly one of the most difficult moments of my life. In retrospect, it really wasn't, but in that moment, it felt like death. I forgave her...eventually. (To my sister, if you are reading this, I am very glad that you got ice cream that day. I am sure it was very satisfying, and I would not have wanted you to miss out on that sweet relief just because I had to. I love you.)

We all have our weaknesses, and mine is definitely ice cream. Thankfully, I have found a few really tasty solutions to this really painful sacrifice that comes with eating dairy-free. Which leads me to the first recipe of this blog! Now, I rarely use recipes when I cook, so this is really just a guideline for a brilliant idea I found browsing Pinterest one day when I was vegan for a month (that's for another day). The really awesome thing about this recipe for Peanut Butter Banana "Ice Cream" is that there is no added sugar because bananas are naturally very sweet. And if bananas are not your favorite, you can tone up the cocoa powder for a more chocolatey flavor (but the banana flavor is really not that strong anyways). (If you are annoyed by my excessive use of parentheses already, just try to get used to it. I really do try to refrain, but most of the time I just can't.)

Okay, here are the guidelines for Peanut Butter Banana "Ice Cream" :

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