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Are You From Japan?

My friend Todd and I were waiting in the office to go to a movie. It was 8:00 and the movie started at 8:45. He showed me some weird video of a guy dancing in a lot of different countries.

"Doesn't this just make you want to travel?" He asked.

It did. Within a few minutes we resolved to go on a trip, and to buy the tickets before leaving for the movie.


On Me and My Thoughts

My time in Paris was a fun journey. It was a school trip last year. Took a lot of saving and bag packing to get there but in the end it was worth every last cent.

As we had teachers with us, who were flute in French. It wasn't hard getting around and finding fun places to eat and relax as they have been there so many times before. The only bad thing about my holiday in Paris was the hotel. As it was on the outside of Paris. It took about 30 minutes maybe more to get home each night. And to be honest the hotel wasn't that nice either. It was small and if you kept your window open at night you could hear cars and people going by. As we got to the hotel at about half 10 or 11 each night you had time to relax before you take shower and go to sleep like most of my friends they went on there phones but no not me. You had to get a wi-fi code and everyone else has a different one to each other. And just my luck didn't work not even one night for me.

We went to I think every site there is in Paris. I was so tired walking around everywhere. My favourite place was of course Disney land. It made me feel like a 10 year old kid again. Running around to all the roller-coaster and hearing the Disney music everywhere you go. I was so happy going around with a smile on my face the whole time.

We went to loads and it was so amazing. I was so lucky to go on that amazing experience to Paris and see the thing I always see in movie and photos and touch them to see if they are really real and that I am really in Paris.

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