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The Community Side of SETT

Last week I was having dinner with my friend Daniel Odio. He's a successful tech entrepreneur whose given me a bunch of good advice on SETT, and will be the first person who's not named Tynan to switch his blog to SETT. In other words, he's a dude who knows what's up.

He asked me how SETT was going, and I told him that everything was going great-- the site is functioning really well, the discussions following each blog post are far more substantial than before, I'm enjoying blogging more than ever, and people are embracing a bunch of the new features we've rolled out. The only thing I was hoping for, I told him, was for the community section to be more active.

"Hmm... what's that?"

why i like typing in lowercase

On The Elated Parrot

i walked by this sign in sf. i like it because the shadow shows up really well, arguably even better than the sign itself.

typing in lowercase is a strange thing. i've gone through many typing style phases in my lifetime, everything from 1337 hAx0R to CrAzY CaSe to saying "sup" and "u" and "ur". Most of my typing today is grammatically correct, standard American English. but this blog is different - i've decided to go lowercase.


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