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Home Automation

I don't think I've written about it before, but I've been into home automation for a really long time. I can't remember exactly when I started automating things, but it was definitely no later than 1999, seventeen years ago.

Back then I used something called X-10. It was flaky, and if you wanted more than just remote switches for your lights you needed to have a windows computer running some fairly janky software.

I very optimistically bought a couple dozen motion detectors and programmed my place such that I would never have to hit a light switch. As I walked around lights would dim up and down based on where I was. I even had a sensor under the bed so that if I got up at night the bathroom lights would dim up a little bit.

Unfortunately there was also a bug I never solved that would occasionally turn all of my lights up to full brightness in the middle of the night. To cope with this I began to sleep on my stomach with my eyes in the crook of my arm. This went on for so long that it conditioned me to continue sleeping that way, even today.

Scheduling Best Days and Times for Livestreaming Specific Games

On StratX

I'm working on a weekly livestreaming schedule and became curious as to what the absolute best days and times may be for specific games. I'm asking for your help in commenting, suggesting, tips and any information that you think could help me.

I'm either going to get my Playstation 2 hooked up to my PC to or find a PS2 controller to play some old-school JRPGs and RPGs as well. Tentatively, these are some games I'm thinking about playing weekly for the time being.

Blackguards: Old-school, Turn-Based combat.

Minecraft: It's Minecraft!

Soul Nomad and the World Eaters: Retro, Turn-Based, Squad-Based combat.

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