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There are about a billion and one opinions on which workout program is the best. Should you run? Should you lift weights? Should you swing your legs gaily on a Richard Simmons' Gazelle?

There's one answer that will work for pretty much everyone: Crossfit.

Crossfit is designed to be a total workout system. It addresses the 10 areas of fitness (strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, cardiovascular health, balance, and four more that I've forgotten). The end result? You get in such good shape that you can tackle any sport or activity, from basketball to mountain climbing.

Teenager's Perspective On Veganism

On Cameron Chardukian

As I mentioned earlier this week I’ve been vegan for about a year-and-a-half now.  I made the switch when I was fourteen years old and I’m now sixteen.  The experience has been mostly positive, but I’d be lying if I failed to tell you about the drawbacks and doubts I’ve had about being vegan as well.

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