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Disregarding Other People's Decisions

I get called weird a lot. Not usually in a bad way, usually as a term of endearment. Looking at it objectively, I see the argument — I'm definitely a strange person who does unusual things.

The thing is, I don't feel weird. My day to day life feels pretty normal, and the decisions that I make also feel very standard. Take in input, process it, make the best decision possible, move on.

The disconnect, I think, is because of how I make those decisions. When I think about why I often end up doing very different things than most people, it boils down to one key distinction: I completely disregard decisions that others have made in similar scenarios.

Here's why. While everyone obviously has a ton in common with each other, we also have enough differences that decisions can't be made in a one-size-fits-all manner. You and I could be in the exact same scenario, but because we value different things and have different abilities, the correct decision for each of us could be opposite.

Maybe you unexpectedly have a free week appear on your calendar. You've been working a lot recently and have been making a lot of money, so you decide to go on a last minute trip to Hawaii. Sounds like a good decision. I have an unexpected free week pop up, but I've been socializing too much. So I go to Vegas, hunker down, and work for a week. Also a good decision.


On The Brave Tiger

I have to admit, the idea of goals and failing sticks in my brain. I guess, it is not that wise to say "Failing sticks to my brain" since it is a classic by terms of priming ("Thinking fast, thinking slow" anyone), but it does.

Since I am caught in a somewhat maybe failing project at work it tried to find out about my motivation, my feelings and behavior towards that project. Even more, I thought about goal, missing goals, plans and failing in business live compared to private life.

And I found some interesting points. Maybe it missed something, maybe I am wrong. Could be, all the things I found out are just true for me. But I want to write them anyway.

Let's start with private life. I found out for me, that goals are very important in private life, but plans are somehow the root of failure. Whenever I make a plan, I am very likely to fail, because the plan has milestones, deadlines and I am lazy and procrastinate. There is still so much time, if I miss a milestone, that is not important, I could shorten the rest of the plan and try harder. And then I miss the next milestone.

It is not like I am just lazy and do not do, what is important. But I really procrastinate, I find more important things to do, I find excuses and I am always sure, that I will start "tomorrow".

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