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Own Your Life

One of the great sacrifices of subjecting kids to school is that it trains them to ask for permission for everything, from turning in work late, to changing to a different class, to more mundane things like going to the bathroom. It's a tradeoff, of course: condition kids to seek permission for everything, and by doing so enable a system to exist where they receive an education.

Maybe that's a worthwhile tradeoff, and maybe it's not. But the real harm in it, in my opinion anyway, is that when we leave school, we're still in the habit of asking permission for everything. That's dangerous.

A manifestation of this that I come across with frequently is the questions that people send me by email. Here's a paraphrased template, which covers a good 60%+ of the emails I get from strangers:


On The Brave Tiger

I have to admit, the idea of goals and failing sticks in my brain. I guess, it is not that wise to say "Failing sticks to my brain" since it is a classic by terms of priming ("Thinking fast, thinking slow" anyone), but it does.

Since I am caught in a somewhat maybe failing project at work it tried to find out about my motivation, my feelings and behavior towards that project. Even more, I thought about goal, missing goals, plans and failing in business live compared to private life.

And I found some interesting points. Maybe it missed something, maybe I am wrong. Could be, all the things I found out are just true for me. But I want to write them anyway.

Let's start with private life. I found out for me, that goals are very important in private life, but plans are somehow the root of failure. Whenever I make a plan, I am very likely to fail, because the plan has milestones, deadlines and I am lazy and procrastinate. There is still so much time, if I miss a milestone, that is not important, I could shorten the rest of the plan and try harder. And then I miss the next milestone.

It is not like I am just lazy and do not do, what is important. But I really procrastinate, I find more important things to do, I find excuses and I am always sure, that I will start "tomorrow".

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