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The Software I Use to Be Productive

To break with my normal style of post, I thought this week I'd share some of my favorite software that helps me get work done on a daily basis. Because I use Linux it won't all be applicable to you, but maybe some of the ideas will be, and a lot of the software is cross-platform.

Ubuntu + Gnome

I love the Ubuntu operating system. In particular I like how everything just works super easily (including typically tricky things like printers), and that it's infinitely customizable. I spend a lot of time on my computer, so small customizations have a big effect on long term productivity.

Gnome is a "window manager" for linux. I switched on a whim and I LOVE it compared to Ubuntu's default window manager. I think it's way better than OSX, Windows, and Unity (Ubuntu's default).

Move Over Ubuntu, OpenSuse is back..

On TechWalkTheWorld..

Burn the heretic, he has cast doubt on the almighty..

There's no doubt about it, if you want to start a flame war in the tech community then there is no better place to start than the world of the Linux Distro. When it comes to waving the collective wand around, Linux fanboys are notoriously hardcore and put even the most ardent Mac vs Windows debate to shame.

When it comes to versions of Linux there are two big players here with Ubuntu in the one corner which without a doubt shook the Linux world by its coat tails and brought as promise Linux to a wider audience. It's changes are seen by many as potentially disrupting there is no doubt Shuttleworth the companies talismanic Jobseque leader has a grand plan, and that alone is making Ubuntu in many quarters mean Linux.

Then there is OpenSUSE the distro has been around since the dawn of time, ok it hasn't but it feels like it. The original desktop Linux OS lost a lot of ground to Ubuntu and has been occasional confusing, so how many built in package managers do you need?

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