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How To Write Your First Book in 48 Hours

As I've mentioned, I'm not an authority on making money in general, but I do make a livable income through my two books, Make Her Chase You and Life Nomadic. I won't claim to be an expert on writing books, but I definitely have enough experience that I can probably offer a good starting point for anyone interested in doing the same. In this article I'm going to focus on how to actually write the thing, as I've come up with a pretty cool system, and then in the next I'll talk about how to actually publish it and make money.

After leaving Smiley Media, the only real job I've ever had, a friend of mine asked me why I'd never written a book about pickup. I didn't have a good answer, so I went home and decided I'd write the thing. Forty eight hours later the rough draft was completed, and a month later I was selling copies of it. Point is-- writing a book is actually a lot easier than you might expect. If you take my advice, you could easily have most of the hard work done in the next couple days, week, or month. So here's the system:

Step One: Chaotic Outline

What running Ubuntu 13.04 on the Surfce Pro 2 has taught me about Ubuntu

On TechWalkTheWorld..

With an Intel Haswell processor, 128Gb SSD and 4Gb of RAM the Surface pro 2 is ripe for installing Ubuntu on..

So I did by following various instructions around the web like these and it does install, and runs well, however something became very apparent.

Unity isn't as touch friendly as you'd think it is. Sure the desktop and the side menu are well designed for touch, the problem is and this may be device specific everything is a bit small and while it is possible to do what Microsoft have done on the surface and increase the font size by 150%.

The window close, minimze and maximize buttons are far too small as well and while the stylus does work well I am looking for more of a touch experience.

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