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The Software I Use to Be Productive

To break with my normal style of post, I thought this week I'd share some of my favorite software that helps me get work done on a daily basis. Because I use Linux it won't all be applicable to you, but maybe some of the ideas will be, and a lot of the software is cross-platform.

Ubuntu + Gnome

I love the Ubuntu operating system. In particular I like how everything just works super easily (including typically tricky things like printers), and that it's infinitely customizable. I spend a lot of time on my computer, so small customizations have a big effect on long term productivity.

Gnome is a "window manager" for linux. I switched on a whim and I LOVE it compared to Ubuntu's default window manager. I think it's way better than OSX, Windows, and Unity (Ubuntu's default).

Why Henry Ford would Love Blogs

On DROdio

This post was written in 2004, when I was still running the real estate company:

Most of you know I run a real estate company, DROdio Real Estate, Inc. which is a technologically progressive firm.  For about 2 years now I've been hearing about blogs, but I never really understood their power until the last month or so.

If you're anything like me, you have probably heard the buzzword "blog" a lot, but  you might be wondering how an "online diary" could be useful in the business world.

First off, a word about what it takes to write a really good blog.  You can't be in the game for a week or a month.  You have to be ready to consistently write really good blog postings for at least 6 months, and probably longer.  I'd guess you need about 100 to 200 blog postings before you'll see any kind of ROI on your time investment.  If you can write 500+ blog postings, you'll be getting to where you need to be.I see two major benefits of blogs:

Let me show you some examples:

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