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Deuter Futura 28

If you have a back, then you probably need a Deuter Futura 28.

This thing is the best small backpack you could possibly imagine. I'm on a year long trip around the world right now, and this is my sole piece of luggage.

What makes it great?

Uno for three

On Mike Dariano

I remember as a kid playing a lot of Uno on rainy days, especially in the spring and summer. At our house it was the default game of choice when the weather changes from sunny and seventy to windy and wet - as Ohio weather does and Ohioans verbally document.

Recently our daughters wanted to play and I realized how many happy memories I had associated with this game. It was a mental hub like ice cream or family vacations, thinking about that one thing made me remember so many other great things.

One suggestion for creating more of these hubs is to name things. When we name things we give them a story, a life, an existence beyond the sum of the parts. In our house the medium of choice is food. We have 'Danny Bread', 'Jamie Salad', and 'Ogre Boogers'. (Ogre boogers even made it into my book.)

Try to create something memorable the next time with your kids. Music, movies, cooking shows on television all work. Events that you do as a family or eating out after church on Sundays. Sports, games, crafts, whatever. Do it.

Create your epic.

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