Tynan http://tynan.com Life Outside the Box en-us Thu, 30 Oct 2014 14:21:52 +0000 http://sett.com Sett RSS Generator Finding the best snapback caps http://tynan.com/community/871993 Snapback caps first hit the market back in the 80s. However, this stylish h]]> Summary:

Snapback caps are of varied types. If you want to get yourself one there is a plethora of styles, colours, designs to choose from. Here is a brief look at some of the most popular types.

Snapback caps first hit the market back in the 80s. However, this stylish headwear has become a popular trend only after its resurgence in recent times. People from all walks of life and of all ages are craving for these fashionable head accessories. If you want to look cool and trendy in a snapback you have to find one that matches your look, personality and taste perfectly.

Vintage snapback caps are highly longed for these days. Celebs like hip hop artists, professional players and Hollywood stars are very fond of them. And you can also own one of them if you are charmed by retro style and designs. Aside from throwback snapbacks, the ones with logos and design of sports teams are also sought after by sports lovers. If you are inclined towards a specific sport and team you can find and buy snapbacks featuring the logo of your favourite team. The price of sports-themed snapbacks is lower than vintage ones.

If the cost of the snapback is not your concern and all you seek is uniqueness and quality designers’ snapbacks can well be your ultimate choice. These snapbacks come with vibrant colours and graphic details and uncommon designs to ensure you would look standout in the crowd. You can also opt for snapback featuring musical bands, artists if you find them fascinating. Whichever be your choice, team it up with some urban outfits and shoes and carry it effortlessly to flaunt your own style.

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@Tynan on Maintaining Habits over Weekends http://tynan.com/community/861093 Hi Tynan,

I finished your book on habits recently and gained an immense amount from it. Though, one thing that I felt was lacking was a discussion on what is to me the most danger to the livelihood of new habits: The weekends.

I have a solid list of triggers that I go through on weekdays that 95% of the time gives me good results and a near 100% completion of all habits. The triggers are highly tied to the fact that I come to the office to work every morning.

On the weekends I lose all of these triggers, and I'm lucky if I even get out of bed on time. My habit tracking highly reflects this truth.

I realize you don't have weekends because you work from home and keep a mostly constant schedule, but to the average 9-5er this problem is the equivalent habit-buster to having to travel every single weekend. It throws you in a chaotic situation where your triggers aren't around to help.

Can you think of any potential solutions to this problem?

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I love using /var on sites as much as the other guy http://tynan.com/community/840916 But it's not really simple to use to make a website or operating systems, you need to know a lot of code!

Most people use Wordpress for the "simple way" to use /var, i recommend SETT for the best way to use /var, also breaking the 4th wall is strange to me considering your reading this on SETT.

- Var

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SETT Bugs! http://tynan.com/community/sett-bugs Hey guys, if you find a bug in SETT, reply to this with the info. You can embed screenshots if necessary or paste error messages. If you've experienced a bug that someone else has already reported, you can vote it up so that we know it's more important.

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Rialta: Apple laptop charger hack! http://tynan.com/community/473660 Hi guys,

Been a while! Hope everyone's well!

I discovered a little Rialta hack for my Apple laptop that I wanted to share.

I'm lazy and haven't re-wired the stock wiring to the 12V outlet, under the desk. Because of the lightweight stock wiring, I was always encountering a problem where, whenever my Apple laptop was both turned on and charging the battery (i.e. < 100% battery), it would cause the fuse on that circuit to pop. (Of note, I could charge the battery, but only if the laptop was off.)

This also created a nasty scenario where, if my laptop battery wasn't full, I couldn't use my laptop in the Rialta (since my laptop would immediately start to charge the battery if I plugged it in, and turned it on... gah).

So, I thought about it and hunted down this hack:

TL;DR - If you put a piece of tape over the middle pin of your Magsafe charger, it will prevent the charger from charging the battery, but the charger will still be used to power the laptop.

In my situation with the stock wiring, this allows me to use my laptop whenever it's not fully charged and let's me not drain my coach batteries, just to charge my laptop.

Hope that helps someone! Cheers!

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New line of new era caps come with heat-management features! http://tynan.com/community/811023 Summary:

New Era hats now come with temperature regulating facilities to reduce the sweat and help wearers feel comfortable. By collaborating with Outlast Technologies new era has come up with this new range of innovative headgears.

The iconic lifestyle brand New Era has partnered with Outlast Technologies, a ruling name in heat management and have already come up with come up with hats with develop temperature-regulating features. New Era has always been a favourite brand of millions of players, sports lovers, fashion aficionados and this revolutionary move have certainly added yet another father in new era’s cap. These new and innovative caps are already tried out by players during the Ryder Cup that took place in Gleneagles, Scotland from Sept 26 to 28.

The heat-management technology that is introduced by Outlast works inside the interior panel against the forehead. These new technology-enabled new era hats can store, absorb and discharge additional heat diminish the level of overheating and reduce perspiration. What essentially this technology does is reacting to the skin temperature of the wearers relentlessly to help alleviate sweating. This technology does differ from reactive solutions and it has proved to be much improved than wicking. Wicking is based on reactive principles that provide wearers with benefits after making them sweat and feel uncomfortable. The representatives at Outlast expressed deep gratitude to have collaborated with New Era and ensured that their technology will definitely help players feel more comfortable.

There are six different silhouettes of New Era caps presently available for players to choose from. Players can select from four varied styles when it comes to Outlast technology enabled headwear. New Era’s celebrated 59FIFTY and 59FIFTY that comes with low crown offer temperature management features to wearers. Depending on weather conditions and personal tastes one can also go for an adjustable 9FORTY and stretch fit 39THIRTY. Even though new era caps armed with this ground-breaking technology are not available at retail stores now these two collaborating brands are planning to introduce a new line of heat-management to the market in coming days.

New Era has been proving its mettle in the industry of headwear for almost a century now. The celebrated brand has lifted the quality and the very notion of headwear to a whole new level. With the recent tie-up with Outlast Technologies the brand is all set to reaffirm its dominance in the world of performance products by adding a new line of quality and functional headwear.

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Switching between QWERTY and DVORAK http://tynan.com/community/480068 After reading Tynan's post on it at the beginning of 2012, I switched over to DVORAK, and its worked out great. I'm pretty sure I type faster now, and I find it easier when writing code. The thing that messes me up lately is when I have to use other computers, like showing a family member something or at work. I sort of retained QWERTY in that when I look down at the keys, I can type at somewhat normal speed, but when I look away I lose it. It doesn't work too well though, and I end up with a lot of errors I'm not aware of cause I'm looking down. Also, I find that the more I try to reacquaint myself with QWERTY, it begins to mess up DVORAK. Any suggestions on retaining both without screwing up one or the other? Thanks

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Wool Jeans http://tynan.com/community/775133 Any good finds/new products for wool jeans? I check periodically and recently found these (http://www.howies.us.com/woolim-wool-jeans-indigo.html) but they're a blend and only 40% wool. Are the Versace jeans a blend as well or are they 100% wool?

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Finished Russian http://tynan.com/community/finished-russian Yesterday I finished the last Russian tape in my quest to learn every language. I've now completed three months of German, one of Arabic, and three of Russian. I accidentally missed one day due to food poisoning, but not counting that I've stuck with this now for 210 days in a row. My plan is to continue for approximately 870 more days, at which time I will have 27 languages down. Currently I have eight, which are English, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, Romanian, German, Arabic, and now Russian.

Russian was by far the hardest language I've ever tried to learn. I don't think it's even close. I feel about half as prepared in Russian as I felt with German, which was the same length of time. If I went to Germany, even having done the tapes four months ago, I think I could get along decently. If I was in Russia tomorrow, I think I'd have a pretty rough time.

I also didn't really like Russian very much. It felt cumbersome in the same way Latin does, requiring so much agreement between various parts of speech. I never felt like I got a great handle on all of the distinct sounds that words are made up of.

People have questioned the utility of trying to learn all of the languages as I'm doing now. Frankly, I question it, too, sometimes. I know that I won't remember it all. My Arabic has withered to the barest of understanding. I have trouble remembering some simple words in Romanian.

I'm mainly learning all of these languages just to see what will happen. Will significant exposure to 27 languages strengthen universal lingual pathways in my brain? Will knowledge of these languages hide in the recesses of my brain, ready to be activated as soon as I go to their countries and refresh my memory?

These are the things I hope for, but I also acknowledge that it's possible nothing will come of it. Maybe I'll remember as much Arabic as I now remember of high school Chemistry. Even if that's the case, sticking to something hard for such a long time is certainly building my willpower. Most people who think this is a waste of time watch far more than half an hour a day of TV, and this can't possibly be as great a waste of time as that.

So the experiment continues happily. I did my first Thai tape today. On deck after that are Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, and French.

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Thu, 28 Aug 2014 04:53:54 +0000 http://tynan.com/community/finished-russian