Tynan http://tynan.com Life Outside the Box en-us Wed, 21 Nov 2018 06:33:21 +0000 http://sett.com Sett RSS Generator Internet Marketing question: Twitter http://tynan.com/community/1267758 Does anybody have any tips for automated marketing software for Twitter? Or at least how to Follow more than 5,000 accounts?

I am up to "Following" 5,000 people (accounts) on Twitter. I have done really well on getting orders from the people I have been following. It appears that Twitter won't let you keep following accounts past 5,000. I have Unfollowed some accounts and Followed new people. Any tips on how to break through this limit.

Of course, I can always create more Twitter accounts. Which may be my next course.

Thanks ahead of time for any tips on internet social media marketing. Especially automated software that works good at a low price.


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Tue, 05 Apr 2016 20:58:09 +0000 http://tynan.com/community/1267758
Great Read: Work out, lose weight, and stop being single http://tynan.com/community/50421 As some of you may know, Captain Power, a member of Sett, currently published a book. I am writing this because I got it on kindle a few days ago and just read it today. 

It is an awesome book - once I started it I did not stop until I was completely through a couple hours later. It is a biography of sorts, split up into very small chapters that almost all deal with bodybuilding or "game." The genius of the book is that all of these mini-stories also teaches a core concept - whether it is a weight loss tactic or a brilliant way to tease a girl. 

These are also the reason the book is so addicting - once you read the first one, you cannot help but devour the next one, and so on. And if that wasn't enough to keep me chugging along, he strings a narrative of how he seduced a billionaire's wife throughout the book, before revealing how it all went down at the end.

Anyway, great read. Self improvement principles strung together in a very entertaining way. I recommend you guys check it out -  it is only $3 on Amazon.

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Fri, 08 Mar 2013 01:48:38 +0000 http://tynan.com/community/50421
Language Learning http://tynan.com/community/460731 Hey all,

The language learning site iTalki is currently running a promotion, where if you sign up for an account you get 10 USD worth of free credits - enough for about one free lesson.

I teach for this website, but also plan to use it in the future for language learning. If you have an interest in improving a second or third language, or just in picking up another language, I highly recommend checking this site out. It's well-organized, easy to navigate, and offers VERY CHEAP private lessons in a plethora of languages.

Like I said - if you use this link: http://www.italki.com/?ref=1149807 - you will get 10 USD for free.

Happy language learning!

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70 is not old anymore, you are just lazy..... http://tynan.com/community/11636 Senior citizens get away with murder in this country.  I cant tell you how many so called "seniors" I know that try to pass off their laziness as old age.  Well I have some news for you grandma, 70 IS NOT OLD ANYMORE.

70 is nothing.  If you train hard you should hardly be much weaker or much slower than you were in your 30's. I see people everyday in their early 30's and even late 60's hobbling around like their life is about to end.  That is BULLSHIT.  There is no reason to let yourself deteriorate like that, you should be exercising until you are completely physically unable.  And how about some Pride?

I compete in sports on a regular bias, and age doesn't mean anything.  I get beat in races by 70 year old men and women all the time.  My father gets beat in tennis by men near 80 and he is only 65.  Until the very end you should be able to walk up stairs, shovel snow, bend down, and get off the couch unassisted.

Now before you call me a jerk, I am not talking about people who are LEGITIMATELY old.  Or people with terminal illnesses or disabilities.  80 is old.  80 is the new 70, and in 20 years 90 will be the new 80.

Its amazing but the life expectancy in 1900 was around 50 years old. 

When I retire hopefully at 62 I plan on walking outside my building, and ripping off my shirt like the incredible hulk.  I will be tan, cut, and my 32 year old girlfriend will pick me up on her motorcycle.

So lets get motivated!  You already destroyed social security for my generation, you blew up the housing market, and you are sucking up all the health care.  Most gyms give seniors discounts, and the park is free. 

Jack Lalanne was my hero, and this is for you Jack. RIP

Power out!


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Stoicism. Aka. Advanced Hakuna Matata http://tynan.com/community/38299

“and we learned to let that which does not matter, truly slide.”

- The Narrator

Stoicism, the art of choice and decisiveness. Of being truly realistic.

It is aiming for a target, without caring if you reach it. What matters is that your shooting is getting better.

It’s always having enough, and always wanting more.

It’s removing fear from the equation, and choosing desire and best odds to determine your course.

It is knowing the nature of fate, and knowing how best to play it.


Every choice in life involves the chance of fate. And you cannot control fate.

“No man can call the wind. So knowing, most men simply relax in the sun and wait for it to come. But the man who’s sails are open, who’s eye’s are alert, who’s boat is maintained, and who’s  search is unyielding; When the wind arrives, he will catch it. His boat shall take him to a destination of his choosing, while the other men will simply have to see where they end up.”

So, knowing fate to be beyond our control, we look not for certainties, but for odds. We choose what we want to win, and then we take the best odds to getting there.

And along course, fate puts struggle in our way. She guides us up to face fears, and so to either cure them and move on, or cower and die.

And she stumbles us into wonder, into friends who help us out when we fall hard upon a bad bet. Who whisper and shout to us: “Push On!” as our travels and chosen destinies weave us together and apart.


And, when the winds of fate change, and a gust rushes over the waves of life, the man who is ready shall catch on and fight to keep his hold along a speedy and adventurous ride.

Should he fall, as he often will, he will often find that his chosen destination is dramatically closer in sight, and his boat minimally damaged. A short period of maintenance to recover the boat, and once more the man unfurls his sails and watches for the signs that fate is once more presenting him a challenge.

And should his boat be dashed up against the rocks, and suffer significant injury, he will rest on the rocks and heal his own wounds speedily. Then, with a grinning smile of Hakuna Matata and new odds to play on his mind, he will rebuild his boat until it is in minimally viable working order, and unfurl his sales once more.

And should he ride that wind until it dies away, he will use it to better catch the next gust.


This man does not acknowledge fear. He instead chooses to choose his actions based on the best odds he can find for reaching a chosen destination.

He understands that failure to reach a goal is not a failure at all. It is a learning success and a movement closer to the destination. The only true failure he knows, is to quit his dreams of arriving at a new and wonderful destination, and instead choose to save now-useless energy and waste once-invaluable time seeking the odds that are most likely not to loose, instead of most likely to result in a net win.


Many will fall into this lull, forgoing their battle armament for fishing gear, and their elite crew for placid friends. The man sees them as he passes by, inviting him to have a pause and enjoy himself. Sometimes, when he is resting, he willjoin them. He will laugh and love and strive for nothing at all. But he will soon tip his hat to them and leap back upon his ship, with a new map that had been sketched while relaxing, and a recovered crew ready to take on hurricanes.


And into the horizon he goes, chasing new horizons, facing new storms, finding new companions along the way, and re-inventing his ship whenever he sees an interesting opportunity.

No matter what happens, he will have Hakuna Matata. No matter what happens, he will continue sailing towards new chosen destinations, leaving the achieved and explored behind him in memory and bringing along a new improvement for his ship from every past destination reached.

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Awesome Book Notes - The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg http://tynan.com/community/31040

This awesome book takes a deep look at a bunch of self made millionaires, most of who decided against getting a formal education, and the things they all have in common that brought them to success.

In the end, these things are broken down into 7 Success Skills.

The 7 Success Skills of Self Made Millionaires

Success Skill 1 – How To Make Your Work Meaningful (and make money)

The Main Lesson:

Failure is mandatory, plan accordingly. To learn in the real world, you must fail. You must test your hypothesis and often find that it was wrong (and something else was right). So give yourself the ability to learn (and fail) continuously without getting distracted by things like running out of food. This will lead to a successful hypothesis which can then lead to money through passion.

“Experimentation takes time. It takes money. And it takes room to fall and to fail.”

“Read about it, study it, and frankly, just do it. A lot of it is trail and error. All my experience comes from mistakes. Either making them yourself, or learning form someone else who has. It all counts…Mastery comes from doing. Either do it yourself, or learn it from someone who did.” Victor Cheng

Success Skill 2 – Find Great Mentors & Teachers (build your tribe)

The Main Lesson:

GIVE. Give, give, give; enjoy helping people improve their lives and the world. Give without expectation of getting anything back. Give to your mentors and your tribe, and your tribe will grow.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. And, on a bigger picture, you are the a reflection of the 20-30 people who give you the best advice” – Jim Rohn & Michael Ellsberg

“This turned out to be the most significant decision in my business career – to find someone who is massively successful and to go work for him.” – Eben Pagan

“Leadership is like a fountain. Imagine the leaders are the water near the top, ready to burst out of the fountain. The water about to burst out is being pushed up by water below it. If you want to succeed, find leaders who are doing amazing things in the world, and push them up. Find powerful people and help them reach their goals. If you’re of service to them, they will be of service back.” – Eben Pagan

“You can have anything you want in life, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Success Skill 3 & 4 – Marketing & Sales and How to Learn Them

The Main Lesson:

Marketing & sales are the core of any big change in the world. It’s the only way to make a difference or make money. It’s how you make things people want, and it’s how people see that they want what you’ve made. Every great figure throughout history, was a great marketer.

“if you’re serious about financial results in your life – whatever business you’re in, however large or small, and whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur – you need to become lifelong student of marketing. Period.” – Michael Ellsberg

“Understand that no matter what you’re doing… nothing happens until something gets sold. Ever… The key to making money, and therefore living a life of less stress, is to cause someone to joyfully give you money in exchange for something that they perceive to be of greater value than the money they gave you. The key there is ‘joyfully’.” – Frank Kern

“success is it’s own skill. There’s the skill of the craft. Then there’s the skill of success. It’s an independent education… It takes about the same amount of effort to learn the skill of success as it does to learn the skill of the craft itself. ” – Michael Ellsberg

“In my experience, the skill of success breaks down into three things. The skill of marketing, the skill of sales, and the skill of leadership.” – Michael Ellsberg

“If you can get people who don’t know about you to know about you (marketing), and you can convert them into customers (sales), and once they’re customers, you can lead them from point A to point B, you can accomplish anything on the planet” – Michael Ellsberg

For the ‘How to Learn Them’ check out the how to in success skills 3 & 4.

Success Skill 5 – The Art of Bootstrapping

The Main Lesson:

A key to success is to always learn useful knowledge.Bootstrapping is learning useful knowledge and increasing your cash flow without sacrificing huge amounts of time and money. It’s giving little to learn and make a lot.

“In a world of business, [bootstrapping] is a strategy that involves getting to the point of profitability as quickly as possible – even if the profits are small- and then continually reinvesting profits to fuel growth.”

“The essence of bootstrapping is keeping expenses low, generating income right away, and continually reinvesting as much of that income as effectively as possible into expanding your future income.”

Bootstrapping your knowledge is andragogy. Self teaching.

Success Skill 6 – Build the Brand of You

The Main Lesson:

If people know your name before you meet them, you’re set for success. Decide what you want people to think when they hear your name, and then make it so.

“Great brand, no resume – no problem. Great resume, no brand? Welcome to position #347 of the stack of five hundred equally great resumes” – Michael Ellsberg

“The essence of building your own brand. People having heard of you – and having a positive impression – before you’ve even met them. If you can create that effect, doors open for you. A close second, if that’s not possible, is people getting a good impression of o very quickly when they Google you” – Michael Ellsberg

“If people think ‘trustworthy, confident, intelligent, funny, hip, savvy, and up-and-coming’ when they hear your name, then that is your brand.

If people think ‘wannabe loser’ when they hear your name, then that is your brand.

And if people think absolutely nothing when they hear your name, then you have no brand.” – Michael Ellsberg

Success Skill 7 – The Entrepreneurial Mindset

The Main Lesson:

Be the author of your own life; steer your own ship.Know what you want & how to get there, focus on what value you can give, make big decisions often, learn from every loss (and gain), find others who have achieved your goal and learn from them, never give into fear.

“There’s other people having success in business, and I’m not, they know something that I don’t. So I actually have to learn what it is other people know.” – Joe Polish before becoming a multi-deca-millionaire

“There are two decisions you need to come to in order to be free, and to be more effective. First is that you are not entitled to anything in the world, until you create value for another human being first. Second, you are 100 percent responsible for producing results. No one else. If you adopt those two views, you will go far.” – Dan Sullivan

“They’ve [the millionaires in this book] chosen to do whatever it takes to create the lives that they want, including exercising the effort and initiative to figure out what “whatever it takes” is. What they didn’t do is sit around, waiting for someone else to feed them the answer, give them the right opportunity, make things safe or easy for them.” – Michael Ellsberg

“A man’s real education begins after he has left school. True education is gained through the discipline of life… A man may be very learned and useless… Merely gathering knowledge may be the most useless work a man can do. What can you do to help and heal the world? That is the educational test. If a man can hold up his own end, he counts for one. If he could help ten or a hundred or a thousand other men hold up their ends, he counts for more… When a man is a master of his own sphere, whatever it may be, he has won his degree –he has entered the ream of wisdom” – Henry Ford


Next Steps After Reading This

  1. Go down the list of success skills, from 1 to 7, and find the first one you don’t yet have.
  2. Grab the summary of that success skill in the download below
  3. Read that summary and follow it’s “Next Steps”
  4. Reap the awesome rewards


Here’s the condensed 19 pages of juicy entrepreneurial knowledge: grab it up, and use it well 

The Education of Millionaires Sum Up

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Final Countdown Cello and Orchestra http://tynan.com/community/30569      ]]> Quick mini-post all you violin and music lovers will enjoy.

All this reading about Tynan's violin hobby reminded me of an AMAZING and really modern song by a few guys I now consider to be rockstars. Worth hearing ;)

Final Countdown cello and orchestra


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Thu, 09 Aug 2012 21:38:56 +0000 http://tynan.com/community/30569
The Internet Is Full Of Surprises http://tynan.com/community/1167643 Suddenly, there it is. An in-page editor that says 'start writing your post here'. Well, why not? But still, it's a strange thing. Am I writing a post on somebody elses website now? How can that be? Did this Tynan, of whom I had never heard before just a few minutes ago, mess up the permissions for his CMS?

Well, whatever it is, I'm attending a meditation group at eight, and before that there's some other stuff I need to take care of, including fueling my body with some delicious food. So however strange this opportunity may be, I'll sign off now. Maybe another day.

Take care, whoever you are. And if there's one message I want to give you, one message I think every human being needs to hear, it's this:

You are beautiful! :)

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Tue, 14 Apr 2015 15:30:41 +0000 http://tynan.com/community/1167643
How does Tynan make money? http://tynan.com/community/50329 I idolize Tynan as much as the next reader, and I think his lifestyle is kickass. Yet even after reading his books and being a blog reader for years, I still can't figure out how he makes money. 

We know that he gets a couple of bucks when people buy his books on Amazon and when people sign up for SETT, but that's a pittance compared to a living wage. We know he used to be a professional gambler, likes to save, and lives incredibly frugally, but we also know he lost a large part of that money in some kind of overseas account mistake. (He's not clear on what it was, but he did say that he lost most of his earnings)

Is he living off of the leftovers of his gambling days? He's written a few blog posts concerning money, how he doesn't have to pay for most of the things normal people pay for, like rent, alcohol, mortgage, etcetera, and thus his day to day cost is incredibly low. But the man has to eat. And he pays for his RV parking spot, and he buys expensive travel gear, and flights that , even after his tricky discounts, aren't chump change. I find it hard to believe that all of that is still coming from years old gambling money.

We know he loves poker and is pretty darn good at it - perhaps he goes to some tournament whenever he needs cash and plays until he is satisfied? Tynan hasn't spoken much about poker in recent years as he used to, so maybe he's just focused on SETT, but it sounds to me like it's not a big part of his life anymore.

What do you think, fellow readers? (and/or the man himself) How does Tynan make money?

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Rialta: Waste System http://tynan.com/community/163045 Let's get personal... I'm curious what everyone's expectations are, surrounding their waste systems, how much odor it gives off, etc.

My general usage would probably be considered light: I'm in the office everyday, during the day + usually don't spend the bulk of weekend time in the RV. So I don't accumulate much.

However, it seems like time, not quantity, is the biggest factor, when it comes to odors. Any amount of waste - from only 2 or 3 #1s all the way to a half-full tank of everything - seems to become noticeable (even if just slightly) after a week or two.

Also, whenever I drive, the black tank has to be empty. My experience is that any amount of waste - again, even only 2 or 3 #1s - will create noticeable odors whenever you drive for more than 20-30 minutes and they'll find their way up to the driver's area.

Finally, I've been A/B testing using a tank deodorant. I think I read HandyBob say that he doesn't use any tank deodorant because, in his opinion, needing to use a deodorant means the seals on your waste system aren't sufficiently keeping odors out + that's what you need to fix.

From my testing, I've decided that tank deodorant helps, a little bit.

What's everyone's general expectations and experience with this? Does any of it match the above?

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Sun, 27 Apr 2014 01:26:07 +0000 http://tynan.com/community/163045