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Texas Social Media Awards

I was recently nominated by a reader (thanks, whoever you are) for the Texas Social Media Awards.

Judges choose the winner based on the comments that people leave about the bloggers and their sites. If you'd like to leave a comment for me I'd be grateful.

To see the nominees, click here: http://www.statesman.com/news/content/standing/awardnominees.html

Calling for Posts from Unschoolers

On Unschoolery

By Leo Babauta

This blog was started as a way for me to grow the conversation around unschooling, and besides my own (obviously brilliant) posts, I hope to wrestle some from Eva and the kids.

And from you guys. Especially if you're already unschooling (as a parent or student), and even more especially if you are an adult, were successfully unschooled and have a great story to share.

So, if you are or were an unschooler, and you'd like to share your story or thoughts on what works or ways you overcame certain challenges or how you got to college or what college was like for an unschooler, etc. etc. ... please post it here on Unschoolery!

Here's how:

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