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The Secret Tunnels Under UT

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Haha... two secret posts in a row. I have a mental list of stories I want to write here, and somehow this one had slipped off of it. Luckily, a UT Grad who goes by "The Reel Deal" posted a comment reminding me about the story. So here it goes, with a little history first.

I never thought I'd go to UT (The University of Texas, not Tennessee). Ever since I was in middle school, I always knew that I'd go to MIT - it was where the smart geeky people went, and I was one of them. When it came time to do applications for schools, I mailed two of them. One for MIT and one for WPI, a lesser known technical school in Massachusetts. I had abysmal grades, due in a large part to my refusal to do most homework and having never actually studied for a test. I always thought it was interesting to see how much of the material I'd naturally retained. Let's just say it usually wasn't over 80%.

Is Entrepreneurism Due To Nature, or Nurture? An Interview with Eric.

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I just got off a Skype video chat with Eric Wilker, who is an Executive MBA student at USC in addition to being SVP of Business Planning & Operations at Warner Bros.  He had to interview an entrepreneur as a part of his class and asked me if I'd be game.  I said sure, so long as I could capture the session on video and share it with you.  We discussed a wide range of topics, including:

Here's the video of our chat about being an entrepreneur:

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