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Hardcore Personal Finance

One thing leads to another. I screwed up my 2007 tax return and got audited (not a big scary one, just a "fix this or pay us" notice), which motivated me to go overboard and learn everything there is about taxes, as they relate to my finances.

I then started a rudimentary expenses sheet in Excel, just as reader and blogger, Mark left a comment telling me that I should read up on double-entry accounting. So I did.

As as side note, I really appreciate it when people suggest things to learn about or read, as they relate to my posts. I can't think of the others offhand, but I know there have been a few other big ones.

Updates on resources and upcoming Posts

On The Poor Mans Tailor

So I have decided a tutorial is in order. We'll see how easy or difficult it is to make some fitted leather shoes. I have taken inspiration from a tutorial I have seen on Paleoplanet called "Stalking Feet Build Along" and will be trying to put my own spin on the design to maybe make some modern looking shoes, but we'll see how all of that works out.

My tailoring book came in as well.

Time-Life books The Art of sewing: basic Tailoring. Interesting resource from the 70's that can probably be used to make more modern clothing.

Posts will probably continue to be a bit short like this while we are building along and as I start getting deeper into making my suit and tutorials; you will start to see longer and more specific posts. There's no need to get you too distracted by an update.

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