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Not Tired Anymore

Haven't had another nap, but I'm not tired anymore. I did eat some food, so I think maybe I'm not used to the larger amount of food I have to eat.

Still loving this whole thing and in total disbelief that it works.

5. Wrangling snakes

On The Itinerant Tern

First of all, I have reconsidered how I want to write this thing. My posts have been increasingly verbose and pointless, which takes too long to write and makes them boring to read. A book recently gave me good advice:

On the snake thing... I'm attempting to learn Python on the recommendations of XKCD and "How to become a hacker" by Eric Steven Raymond. The former is a web cartoon, which has given me more laughs than anything else in my life so far. The later is a fairly legit starting point for anyone looking to get into the culture.

I come from a C background, so the first contact with Python was jarring. The syntax is straightforward, so I skipped a few pages of the tutorial. I then wasted the next few hours trying to figure out how to compile my 'Hello World!' into an executable. If all this is Greek to you, I attempted the equivalent of trying to buy a free cookie. My first lesson was that I should go slow and complete the entire tutorial. Python is much more user-friendly than C, so I will have to unlearn many things.

The end. I have many things to say and, hopefully, many days to say them, so I will attempt to make my posts bite-sized.

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