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Valentine's Day News

I don't really like writing short updates, but there are too many little things going on to write separate posts.

First, I've designed some cool t-shirts, hats, and other items to facilitate displaying of BtyB pride. Even if you don't have BtyB pride yet, the designs are cool enough that you'll want to wear them anyway. To check it out, visit the Better Than Your Boyfriend Store .

Want to support the site, but would rather get paid for doing so? I used to be professional gambler, earning the bulk of my income from online casinos for six years. I will soon write a whole story about that. The casino I got started at is called Casino-on-Net. I have a deal with them where anyone signing up with them through my site will get $200 for free!

Breaking down the week into days into classes and other activities

On The College Life of Sala Geek

I think today is a great day to give you some insight on what my weeks look like when I'm attending school. Keep in mind I am a full-time student gathering 13.50 credit hours this semester.

Mondays I wake up around 7:30 do my morning ritual: eat breakfast, brush my teeth, my hair when possible, deodorant, and if I didn't shower the night before I'll shower. I'll then start my car and socialize with dad for about 15 minutes. I'll then leave for school arriving around 8:40 and wait for Topics in Developmental Mathematics (is it me or do you find it strange mathematics has an "e" in it?) I'm there for 50 minutes and walk to the my next class. This class would be Introduction to Psychology, one of my more favored classes for some reason. I then after 50 minutes will head over to my next class, Oral Communication (Now to add emphasis on how I feel about this class please go back and read it like your in a mopey mood today and just don't care about much of anything). After 50 minutes of this dreadful class I finally get a 4 hour break before I need to leave for my last class, which leads us to my favorite class, College Composition with Lab. I have this class for 75 minutes except on Friday's. Then I get to leave to come home, where I can be in solitude.

Tuesdays I wake up same time around 7:30 and do my morning ritual of course. I then proceed to sit on my computer til about 9 and start my car, and leave hopefully getting to school around 9:30 unless I decide to take the cheap way to school by driving to Walmart and arriving to school at 11. Either way I sit in the Student Success Center til about 1 doing any kind of work that I may need to do. Normally on Tuesday's it's Math and College Comp. At about 1 I go to my College Success course. Then 50 minutes later I leave and go back to the Student Success Center or go home usually depending upon my method of transportation to school. Then again I come home to bedroom where I may have my solitude for at least most the night.

Wednesdays my day is practically identical to Mondays. Thursday's are for the most part identical to Tuesday's other then the fact I normally always take the bus and I work on Oral Communications and Intro to Psych.

Fridays are the same other then after Oral Communications I only have an hour before I have to leave for College Comp Lab. Lab last an hour and we just sit there, listen to directions, and then write. Then the rest of the night goes the same but is more like a Tuesday and Thursday night.

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