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My Assault on Stuff & What I'm Doing Next

My recent war that I've been waging has been against stuff. For a while (and by that I mean since 7th grade), I've produced my own income and spent most of it on things from the internet. I've talked about this before so I won't bore you with the laundry lists of my posessions.

Then when I sold my house in North Austin, I was faced with the prospect of moving all that stuff. My most financially productive years were while I lived there, so I bought a ton of stuff. During that period of collection it never occurred to me that I would eventually move. My garage as well as one of the bedrooms in the house because warehouses for my things.

When I moved, I took a pretty extreme approach. I went through every item in the house and made a decision - either I needed it or not. If it was worth more than $50 or so I sold it. If it was worth less than that I put it in a bedroom. If it was worth less than $5-10 I donated it or threw it away. I posted my address on craigslist and let people go into the bedroom and take all that they wanted. Within a few hours the bulk of my stuff was taken away.

The Truth About My Reality.

On My Arthritis Odyssey

Dear friends and family,

I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about my reality sooner, I just couldn't find the right time or place to tell you any of this. I'm sorry that I built up my walls and kept you on the outside of my life for a while, I just didn't know how to tell you. The truth is, I've been struggling for a while now and I don't know myself how to explain my situation. You all know that my knee's and my wrists have been in pain. What you don't know, however, is that I really do know what is going on with my body. I've known for a few months now. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. It's hard, I will admit, mornings especially, but let's not get into too much detail. See, at first I really didn't know what was happening to me, I thought that maybe I'd just caused some stress on my joints or damaged the ligaments in my wrists. When we found out that it was JRA, my previous situation offered for a perfect cover story. When I was first diagnosed I was a little ashamed to be completely honest, don't ask why because I don't even know myself. I've finally convinced myself to open up about my disease. Now my classmates will understand why I missed so many days of school, sometimes the pain of JRA just gets to you and I couldn't make it most days. To my family members, I'm truly sorry for keeping this from you all. And to my best friends, I'm sorry to have kept this from you the most. The truth is that I'm going to have a hard time with a lot of things from here on out, and I'm going to ask for help once and a while when I need it. I hope you all understand why I kept this on the down low for a long time and I honestly kind of regret not saying anything.

Thank you for reading this post.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I'll answer everything to the best of my ability.

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