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Why I Love Self Improvement

Self Improvement is a beaten up term. Such a pure and noble meaning, yet it's been dragged through the mud to connotate seminars in low end hotel conference rooms and people who chant, "I manifest everything for life's highest purpose", but live otherwise unremarkable lives.

Self improvement has a stigma to it. It's embarrassing to be into it. So embarrassing, in fact, that some of its modern day figureheads have tried to rename it. Personal Development. Lifestyle Design. Self Actualization. Fluffy euphemisms, some of which admittedly do sound pretty cool.

But I'll come out and say it. I love self improvement. I don't need to call it anything else,I like it for what it is.

Competence tests

On The 4 Hour Struggle

The competence of those in your professional (and personal) network can oftentimes be validated by very simple tests. Consider the following.

I need to get a 2LB package sent from a small town in Peru to the capital, Lima.

I am not in Lima and need someone there that can receive the package and send it to me in a different country.

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