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The (near) Future of Tynan

If you're wondering why I always put my name in the topics of these things, it's not because I have a huge ego. I do have a huge ego, but I do it so that my name gets better search rankings in google. My goal is for people to be able to search for "Tynan" and for my site to be number one. Soon. If you want to help, like the almighty Magnus, you can link to my blog and put my name in the link.

Today Doug, Steve, Steve's (ex?) girlfriend, Todd and I headed down to Canyon Lake, TX to do some tubing. You see, I bought the sweetest tube ever to bring to the lake. The thing actually flies 15 feet in the air behind the boat. I think I wrote about it before, but I'm not sure. Anyway, the first time we tried I skipped along the water, but didn't really take flight because my weak human lungs couldn't inflate the tube enough.

Today before going to the lake I bought two different pumps to ensure that the thing would actually inflate. As it turned out, the boat rental place had a sweet air compressor, negating the need for our own pumps. Oh well... you owe me one (two?), Wal Mart. Our rental boat was a shoddy looking boat most certainly manufactured before 1990 which was apparently very fast. The interior was a coccoon of brightly colored vinyl couches covered by a weathered bimini top. I climbed aboard and with the help of Todd, tied the monsterous tube to the boat.

Not such a Best-Buy

On Mike Dariano

Reading a DF post the other day about Best Buy got me thinking about why I never even consider shopping there anymore. Gruber commenting on a piece from Forbes saying that the decline was in part due to the way the stores are setup "It really is that simple. I find shopping at Best Buy to be insulting and annoying."

This explained it for me. I was in one this summer and it wasn't messy like a house with kids living in it but retail-messy. There were so many things lighting up the walls, displays and isles. Even though I don't like these things today, these are the things I loved as a kid. The Best Buy ad in the Sunday paper was absolutely my favorite and going to a store was equally exciting because of everything you could see. Now all that is a mess and that's probably thanks to the Internet.

On-line I Amazon.com which allows me precise and accurate searches. I'm not looking down a row of televisions and trying to note their differences, the search has done that for me, it's become my preferred way to shop. Let algorithms and purchase rankings help me choose not a salesperson. It's somewhat ironic that the appeal of Best Buy is in-store breadth which takes time to comb through but people - especially kids reading the Sunday advertisements - who take this time usually don't have money to spend.

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