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The Airport Girl

It's 2002 and I haven't even heard of the pickup community. It's a shame because there is just about nothing I need more.

I get on my plane, headed back to Austin. It's a late flight and there aren't too many people on it. I have a whole row to myself. I'm not paying attention, and before I know it we're airborne.

The cabin lights are off, but some people have their reading lights on, creating small islands of light in the darkness of the plane. The island in front of my is inhabited by two girls.


On Wanderlust

I studied in Galway Ireland in the spring of 2013! It was the most amazing experience of my life and it gave me the opportunity to travel all over Europe! The city I am going to focus on this week is the city I lived in, Galway!

Galway is a beautiful city on the west coast of the emerald isle. It is small enough to maneuver the cobble stone streets easily and explore for a day. The city attracts many tourists but there is not much to do if you like statues and museums. Galway is instead filled with different pubs and restaurants to fill your needs.

My favorite restaurant and one that you HAVE to check out is called Finnegan’s. It serves traditional Irish cuisine and a great place to check out an authentic Irish vibe and is located off of Shop Street. My favorite dish was the “Irish Breakfast” which was very different than what is served in the United States. It had fried eggs, baked beans, rashers (what they call bacon, but reminded me of ham), an abundance amount of potatoes, mushrooms, sausage, black and white pudding, and finally half a tomato. It sounds like such a strange combination but it was my favorite meal of all time in Ireland, and make sure you try the brown bread! Other meals you need to try are the vegetable soul, beef stew and the lasagna!

Another restaurant that I loved and frequently visited was “Elle’s café” which is located around the middle of Shop Street. They serve everything from sandwiches, tasty drinks, great desserts and smoothies! They have the most amazing strawberry hot chocolate I have ever tried and was the best thing to have on a cold rainy Irish afternoon.

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