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The Airport Girl

It's 2002 and I haven't even heard of the pickup community. It's a shame because there is just about nothing I need more.

I get on my plane, headed back to Austin. It's a late flight and there aren't too many people on it. I have a whole row to myself. I'm not paying attention, and before I know it we're airborne.

The cabin lights are off, but some people have their reading lights on, creating small islands of light in the darkness of the plane. The island in front of my is inhabited by two girls.

Something off my chest

On The Sore Armadillo

Hello, and good evening everyone. Grab a chair sit down and allow me to vent. My mother is gay, I remember the day I found out. After 25 years of marriage her and my father had split, and everything around me seemed to lose traction. In the last year and a half, I have returned to the class room with an unimaginable focus and dedication to my academics. In this journey of studying social justice theories and structural oppression and relating them to my own life have led me to a point of reflection. I was sitting in front of members of a club that myself and another person had formed to help spread equality and understanding and passion for everyone's views. I recall telling them that I have came to the conclusion that however betrayed I felt by mother I never truly understood the sacrifice that she had made in order to be herself. It took me 10 years to be able to say that about my mother and it surprised me that it was in front of individuals that I have only known for about 7 months. After the words came out of my mouth I was rushed with emotion (its hard to hold it back now) Moral of the story is, I respect my mother for the decision she made at that point in time in my life. And I am extremely proud to call her my mother and a great friend. She sacrificed everything that was "her" for 25 years in order to be herself at the age of 43. I don't know if you'll ever read this mom but I love you. I am sorry it took so long to be you. I Love you

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