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The Standby Trick

Standby flying has always been a bit of a mystery to me, as I've heard stories of people flying standby to foreign countries for half the cost of a reserved ticket, but never seen a way to do it. Even after interviewing a few ticket agents, it seems impossible to do this these days, but I do have a standby trick you can use to make flying cheaper and more flexible.

Vegas is a lot of fun for a few days, and grows tiresome beyond that. When I played low limit poker I could easily play for a dozen hours a day for a solid week, but as I've crept up the ladder, I find the game more intense and draining. After six days in Vegas, Christophe and I were ready to take our winnings and stop playing. The only problem is that we had a 10pm flight, and we'd had our fill of food and poker by 1pm. For us, there's not much to do in Vegas besides eat and gamble.

Most people don't know that a guaranteed ticket for a day also allows you, at the airline's discretion, to take any other flight they have that day to the same destination. If we had paid for a 6am flight and skipped it, we could have tried to get on later flights for free, but having the last flight of the day made it easy for us to try for earlier flights. We just showed up, got on the standby list, and took the 6:10pm flight in time to eat at Gracias Madre in SF for dinner.

Lessons in Business Travel

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Over the last couple of years, I've gone from someone who rarely traveled to feeling like the airport is my second home. Below are some of my biggest business travel takeaways that will help turn your travel experiences from mundane to enjoyable!

1. Join all rewards programs!

Make sure you get points for every plane you fly, train you ride, car you rent, and hotel you stay in. The points may take a while to accumulate, especially if you aren't loyal to particular providers, but you'll have free flights, rides, rentals, and stays before you know it.

2. Dress like a professional.

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