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Three Tricks to Get Cheap International Flights

I've been on an awesome run of trips recently. I've gone to China, Peru, Mexico, and Japan, and have paid $1350 total for all four flights. That's roughly the cost of the normal price of just ONE of the more expensive flights on that list. I have a few tricks to share with you which are responsible for these four flights.

FlyerTalk Mileage Run Forums

You may already be aware that there's a group of people online who are completely obsessed with miles and status on airline frequent flyer programs. They all congregate on a site called FlyerTalk.com and discuss mileage runs, which are flights so cheap that it's (nearly) worth going just for the miles. In fact, many members go on trips that last for just hours before they get back on the plane home.

You may not want to take trips like that, but you can use their forum to find extremely cheap flights (and get miles while you're at it). Just go to the Mileage Run subforum and search for your home airport. You can also check out this thread which has deals that are still very cheap but don't earn enough miles to qualify as a mileage run. Sometimes that's because the price is a bit higher, but often it's because it's an obscure airline with a crappy frequent flyer program or a fare class that doesn't offer miles.

Experiencing the Miracle of Powered Flight


Flew from Saigon to Kuala Lumpur yesterday, transiting in Singapore. The seats were tiny, I barely fit in it. At first I was kind of annoyed at that, and then I realized - whoa, I'm flying. I'm experiencing the miracle of powered human flight.

That put it into proper perspective, and I had a really nice flight. Related:

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