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I'm heading out to Boston for a few days, starting today. What does that mean to you? It means that I'll probably be lazy with updates because I just had to buy the world's smallest laptop. It's extremely portable, of course, but is also nearly impossible to type long posts on. Nevertheless, I'm going to try to finish one on the plane.

Actually, because instead of actually planning this trip I just randomly bought a plane ticket and told people I was coming a couple days before, I am stuck with very little to do. So if you are a fine young lady in the Boston area, e-mail me. Do it!

Postmortem Google Accounts

On The Singularity Now

Postmortem Google Accounts

Today I accessed my Google Account settings for the first time in recent memory.

Today I gave one person the ability to download all of Google's Data about me if ever I don’t log in for 18 months. As I live now, 18 months indicates my death.

Google recorded 10k+ searches performed by me. Only I have access to them now.

To give someone Google's data on me is equivalent to giving that person everything known about me.

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