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The Blueprint of Instant Habitual Change

Skills require time to attain. There's no magic pill to become stronger; we have to go to the gym consistently. If you want to learn Russian, you need to study, practice, and probably spend some time in Russia. If you want to become a better writer you can learn some good practices, but you ultimately have to produce a lot of writing before you'll be any good.

But what about habits like diet change, sleeping habits, and introversion? While we may not all be able to speak Russian, we all have the innate ability to wake up early in the morning. Our mouths will all accept healthy food. We all have the physical ability to walk up to a stranger and begin talking.

Why do these switches often take so long to flip? Why is it a gradual struggle, rather than an instant change?

More details on tomorrow's changes

On Just Keep Swimming

With the dieting that I’ve been doing for months, I’ve been very consistent with my food tracking. Breakfast is homemade yogurt, strained with chia , flax seed and blueberries. Yum. A cup of coffee and 2 tbls rounds that out for about 300 calories of breakfast.

Lunch is a salad, either from home or the salad bar at work. It works out to 400-500 calories on average. I eat greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, some leftover chicken or steak, a little cheese and 2 tbls of dressing. I’m precise to the point of weighing and measuring what I’m eating.

Dinner is a little more random, but often meat, vegetables and a salad. I steer away from grains and breads, and even my sandwiches are lettuce wraps. With grocery shopping I make sure to have some lettuce and lunch meat for simple snackwhiches for dinner.

Where I’ve been less consistent is the gym. (No surprise there.) My health insurance offers a gym membership discount, and one of the local gyms offers a great discount on CrossFit. ($70 a month with my discount) For the next 2 months it’s only $20 a month. It’s part of the Lurong Paleo Challenge, and the goal is to come in do your WODs and practice clean paleo eating for 8 weeks. I’m no stranger to paleo. I already eat pretty clean tending toward more primal by including cheese, dairy and butter. Going more strict is going to be a challenge, it means making more seperate meals for Mike and I, it means giving up my morning coffee, and trying to find an option for mornings that is as easy and consistent as the yogurt. (Chia pudding with unsweetened almond milk and berries? maybe?) Anyway, thats the next stage of this.

For 8 weeks I am :

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