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Letting Myself Quit

I did something really scary and dangerous today. I let myself quit.

It's the second day of my Month-of-Pickup, an intensive course correction aimed towards making myself extraverted and social again.

Yesterday was the first day. My friend and I set a goal of doing eight approaches each. We did it just as the mall closed, running around frantically looking for girls to approach. I was scared going in, but left feeling good.

Then there were two

On Winning at Losing

So meal prepping, it`s an amazing thing! My first week was a bit of a culinary overkill because I had so many different kinds of foods that I wanted to use them all up. So I decided that week two would be a bit easier cooking wise.

This is what it looked like:

This is what it consisted of:

Breaky: smoothie bags, banana, Apple, blueberries, peaches, mango, spinach, chia seeds, flax seeds, ginger, cinnamon, greek yogurt and coconut water. Delish!

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