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Why I Don't Buy Apple Products

This won't quite be the Apple bashing that people probably expect. To start off, I don't hate Apple. I think that they're a spectacular company that does a lot of very smart things. I think that they build relatively high quality products and do a good job of supporting them.

Even if I don't buy any of their products, I'm glad that Apple is around. They're responsible for pushing forward a lot of technologies that are later adapted and improved on by companies I do buy things from.

I also think that Apple makes the right product for a lot of people, maybe even you. An iPod is probably the right music player for more people than any other music player. The average consumer will probably do better with a Mac laptop than the average PC laptop.

Google Will Shut Down Schemer on February 7

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Google recently confirmed that they will be shutting down Schemer, their stab at a goal-sharing service on 7 February, after which all data from the service will be deleted. Google has already pulled the iOS app from the App Store, and the Android app hasn't been updated since 2012.

A leak last year suggested that Schemer might be next in line for Google's infamous spring cleaning. Google Operating System posted a screenshot of a internal version of the schemer site, stating that “Schemer will be shut down on [insert date]. We had launched over a year ago to help people to do more awesome stuff, and it has been quite an adventure for us as well! However, we have come to the difficult derision to shut down Schemer. Your schemes will be available for download until [insert date].

This date has now been filled in, and if you're using Schemer, you have less than a month to download your data.

To do so, follow these steps:

If you don't know what Schemer is, it lets users discover new things to do, "make the most of your day", and share schemes with your friends. The service required a Google+ account, but it wasn't promoted by Google.

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