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How I Became a Professional Gambler

I had never gambled before and knew nothing about it, but I'd gotten too many e-mails like it. I was at my parents house for winter break during my first year at UT, and I was bored.

"Free $50 just for downloading our casino!"

Hmm. That doesn't seem very risky. I might as well download to see what it's all about.

Stocks, The Market, and Online Brokerage

On The Tiny Octopus

I'm going to shelve all my limiting beliefs about stocks aside for a second and take a plunge into investing. Are there any good online brokerage account promotions that are worth taking? E-Trade claims there's 500$ free but it sounds a bit gimmicky and is a $10K minimum which I can do but I'm wondering if there is a catch.

Thinking of just using the integrated Wells Fargo Online Brokerage Account so it'll be integrated with my other accounts there. They have 100 free trades then 9$ a trade and I don't plan on trading much if at all besides putting down small amounts of investments here and there then letting time do it's thing. Anyone have experiences using the integrated brokerage accounts with banks? Should I be looking into getting a brokerage account at a specialized site instead of a bank?

My investment experience as of now - I have a retirement account I made general allocations for but is taken care of by financial suits. I've played a good amount of Craps (both the Pass and Don't Pass) and stock market's invests/shorts seem like the same concept. I played Federation the investing text game on AOL a decade and some ago and it's newest incarnation Fed2 a year or two back.

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