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Own Your Life

One of the great sacrifices of subjecting kids to school is that it trains them to ask for permission for everything, from turning in work late, to changing to a different class, to more mundane things like going to the bathroom. It's a tradeoff, of course: condition kids to seek permission for everything, and by doing so enable a system to exist where they receive an education.

Maybe that's a worthwhile tradeoff, and maybe it's not. But the real harm in it, in my opinion anyway, is that when we leave school, we're still in the habit of asking permission for everything. That's dangerous.

A manifestation of this that I come across with frequently is the questions that people send me by email. Here's a paraphrased template, which covers a good 60%+ of the emails I get from strangers:

Our Faith, Material-Love N Clueless Wazee’s


“How good something is should never be determined by its cost, designer, origin, or its perceived value by others.” ― Ashly Lorenzana

Dear Gerri Global Member,

So, last night while enjoying the moonlight, I had a brief meeting with myself. The meeting was about an epiphany I’d encountered a few minutes earlier that touched on faith.

Faith I now saw, was something we only held in mysticism, mostly associating it with religion. And from this association, we distorted all of its other meanings. In my solo meeting, I realized that every seemingly impossible feat that has ever been achieved by any human owed its success or completion to faith/confidence.

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