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Manish - studying

Studying is the kind of thing I look forward to doing all the time at night once I'm on this solid. That way I can enjoy my days and the outdoors plenty. But for now, it's tough.

I feel like I'm usually mentally between 85-90% during the day and less during the night. To study, especially boring stuff you're not interested in, you really have to be in the 95-100% range.

I'm writing a paper right now, and it's normally much easier to write than this. Same with the studying I did for a test I took Monday morning. But it is possible, so that makes me happy.

Exclusive Peek Inside Tesla's Model S and Model X

On DROdio

This weekend, Telsa held an exclusive Model X preview for reservation holders. As the CEO of a mobile startup, I have mad respect for Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla. Here's a guy who, after starting and selling PayPal, started not one, but two companies with prescient timing: Tesla and SpaceX. As gas heads towards $5/gallon (with the imminent threat of shooting up higher) and the US retires its Space Shuttle program, Elon's two startups are positioned perfectly. For more background on Tesla, take a look at the blog post I wrote after touring the Tesla Factory.

Critics are raving over the Model X. As someone who's passionate about cars & motorcycles and hopeful for the future of electric vehicles that perform as well or better than their fossil fuel burning brethern, I was originally a reservation holder for the Model S. When I saw the Model X, I immediately swapped my reservation out. Now I'm #486 on the list for a Model X. You can get a reservation of your own here -- it's a $5k refundable deposit. Your only risk, really, is that Tesla doesn't stay viable as a company, but as someone in the tech industry, I really believe in Elon, his vision, and his ability to execute. I'm willing to take that risk.

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