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Be Excellent

I'm trying to write something personal improvement related every Monday and a story every Wednesday. I hope these are interesting to people, because I generally think that most personal improvement articles are relatively useless.

Every couple weeks I scan through lifehacker.com, and inevitably think "Man... this is a lot of useless junk."

Now... I've definitely found some good stuff there, and have had some of my articles featured there, so it's not ALL bad. I just feel like most personal improvement stuff is geared more towards FEELING like something has been accomplished rather than actually taking action.

Econoception Newsletter

On Econoception

Hi readers,

I know many A-level economics students complain about how difficult it is to follow international and local news, and even when they try to read some of the economic news, they find themselves having difficulty understanding the material. I was once in your shoes as well, and I can understand how discouraging the whole process might be.

I am going to try and help you solve this problem.

That's right, I am going to introduce a newsletter. It will be published on a weekly basis and it will feature important news events from all over the world, with a particular focus on Singapore news. It is not just a mere summary, because I will be giving inputs on how you can use A-level economic theory to understand some of these issues as well as how you can potentially use some of these news events in your essays.

Bring with you your commitment and interest to learn more about economics.

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