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Hanami means "flower viewing" in Japanese. It gets its own special word because the blooming of the cherry blossoms here is a huge deal. Meteorologists visit the trees every day trying to predict when they'll bloom, signs go up around the city that say Sakura (cherry blossom in japanese) on them, and restaurants even have special Sakura cookies for sale.

People get into it.

The cherry blossoms don't last long, though. After a week they fall to the ground, which means that there is one big weekend for cherry blossom viewing.

Video of the Week: Empire State of Mind

On Where Pianos Roam

I consider myself blessed that I've been to New York City numerous times. 

There really is no place like it in the whole entire world.  I remember being in complete awe of the scope and size of it all when I first went there as a teenager from a small island in the South Pacific.  Sure, I had lush green and majestic mountains all around me where I came from, but NYC really is its own magnificent wilderness.

Looking back, I've done a few things up there .  .  .

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